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  1. I was in the taping on the 12th too and it was my first and last taping. i got there about 1pm on a general admission (if its sunny i recommend bringing something to shield you from the sun as it can be pretty hot). It was very full that day and i was actually surprised that two non- standby didn't get in. I think the most annoying thing is ...there were actually at least 1 or 2 seats inside that were supposedly free. The people in front of me were taking up more than 1 space (= 2 person = 3 seats) i mean the seats are pretty small but i am pretty big but i made myself squeeze in and make space for others as i know how hard it is to get tickets and i don't think people mind squeezing in if it mean other people get the chance to see it for the last time - Maybe there were ViP's and and of of their friends/family didn't make it so they can sit loosely
  2. I agree ...it was frantic today! I had 3 chrome pages open and they said all sold out, It was literally mins after they released it! I kept refreshing but no luck...until I used IE! I managed to get 1 ticket ! honestly I nearly cried after I got it ...as I have never watched it live before and it's final season -I had to come and at least watch it once! Don't give up! Anyone else going?
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