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  1. 7 hours ago, MTBigBangTheoryFan said:

    I think, Seinfeld had one of the worst series finales. Fortunately,  the Season 9 DVD with the edited version where they are found not guilty.  

    Despite some Cheers fans being upset that  Sam and Diane did not end up together in the last  episode It actually doesn't  bother me.  I think it ended fine





    I have to admit, i loved the Seinfeld Finale - probably still one of my favorites because of how it featured nearly everyone who was part of the show. I thought it was pretty funny too.

    I guess that's probably the reason i am a little obsessed about how a show ends. A bit like Sheldon in that way. They gave us a good reason for it ending and it was fitting it had most of the cast involved.

    I thought the Two and a Half men Finale was a bit crazy but i did enjoy it.

    I was a big fan of Everyone Loves Raymond and thought it could have finished stronger.


    Have they revealed if TBBT Finale will be a double episode?

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  2. Would it be a surprise if the show ended on a cliffhanger or with some unanswered question. And the winner of the Nobel Prize is....

    There have been a number of times Sheldon has expressed his anger with how his favorite shows have ended.

    Will the ending give us all something to complain about?

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  3. I don't mind if Penny gets pregnant or not, however, her objections to having a child don't appear anywhere near as strong as those from Bernadette before she had two.

    Could Sheldons grand mother make an appearance in the finale? I was very surprised there was no mention of meemaw at his wedding.

    Will Chuck Lorre be seen as he was in the finale of Two & A Half men?

    Maybe the plot will include a reason why the show has to end, like what happened in Seinfeld with the main cast going to prison. Something involving the military project or perhaps relocation to Mars?


    or time travel - they invent a way to go to the future but cant get back

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