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  1. That' s some good stuff right there. Thanks. I remember seeing Billy Crystal's movie Rabbit Test at the drive-in theater. He played a gay role again, but ends getting pregnant after, if I recall correctly, having sympathy sex with his best girl friend. The rabbit done died.
  2. So basically, the show needs to end with a “Big Bang!” Wow, SOAP... there’s a good one I’d forgotten about. That show IMO broke all the rules of common decency for national broadcast television. I don’t remember the finale, though. Was it when Jessica died and Benson sat bedside by her?
  3. Thank you. The story pretty much wrote itself with the portions from my dream. I just connected a few pieces, did a little science research, and grabbed actual quotes from the referenced characters. The rest, I *banged* out in a few hours... (pun intended) 😊
  4. Good point. Thinking back, I can only remember Friends and M*A*S*H. But of all the sitcoms I've ever watched, I don't think I cared about the characters as much as I do in TBBT and the aforementioned.
  5. I think what you said here is very insightful. People want to see a happy ending, especially with Leonard after everything he's gone through and put up with.
  6. Hasenpfeffer (a traditional German Rabbit Stew) Here's a recipe
  7. Hello everyone! Sorry I'm so late to the game, but with the show ending this season I just had to come. Started watching in 2012 when a friend told me the show was right up my alley since I'm a computer nerd and data geek. After watching a few episodes, I immediately bought all the previous seasons on blu-ray. I actually came here to post my idea for the final episode. There's so much good stuff on this site, I'm really going to enjoy viewing some content and posts. Here's my favorite scene of all time, from "The Einstein Approximation". Cheers!
  8. I've heard that can happen. In this case, the clinic probably overlooked that Howard had 3 tubes. That's why he was so horny all the time.
  9. I would love to see Leonard make a Nobel Prize winning discovery that puts the possibility of supersymmetry back on the table, discrediting Amy and Sheldon's super asymmetry, then see Sheldon admitting Leonard is smarter. Even goes as far to say Sheldon grows up and actually congratulates Leonard for winning the Nobel Prize.
  10. Hahaha, absolutely loved this idea! Howard is married to his mother 😃 Great story. I also like that Sheldon grows up a bit, more mature and responsible.
  11. Hi everyone! Here's my idea for the finale episode, though this one primarily focuses on Leonard. It makes a few assumptions: Raj and Anu are still together; Sheldon and Amy are still up for the Nobel Prize for super asymmetry. The idea actually came from a dream two nights ago. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FINAL EPISODE TITLE: The Higgs Boson Doomsday LOGLINE: Leonard makes a fundamental discovery that proves supersymmetry just before his laboratory explodes. Now dead and a roaming
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