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  1. Well.....After 11 hours of waiting at about 6:20 PM the last 15 standby ticket holders were told that there were no seats left, NONE. My husband and I ended up being 11 and 12 on standby and although we didn't get in to see the show, we had a nice time hanging out with another friendly couple we met in line. Some people were visibly upset but I was mentally prepared for the possibility of not making it in so I'm not too upset. There seemed to be more VIPs than regular ticket holders and they were taken to the sound stage as they arrived right up until we were told to go home. Someone mentioned that people who went on the Ellen Show received VIP tickets but I don't know if that's accurate. I doubt I'll try getting in with standby tickets again. If Ellen guests are getting VIP tickets then the chances of getting in with standby tickets are slim at best but that's just my personal opinion. I hope everyone who got in today had a fantastic time!
  2. YAY made it to the line! There's 10 of us right now we are 9 & 10. 🤞
  3. Hi everyone, I just bumped into this forum while looking for standby info. My husband and I got standbys for tomorrow (3/12) but as the end nears, it seems like I'm reading more and more about standbys not really having a prayer as far getting into the studio. We're local so spending the day over there isn't a huge deal but my husband is getting disheartened by the minute so he's on the fence about whether it's worth it to risk the heartbreak of being shut out. Had anyone on standby gotten lucky these last couple of weeks? Will we have a fair chance if we get in line by 8? Also, I'm thinking we should uber to avoid any parking hassles obviously we'd need our cell phones; does security give a real hard time or do they just take them no questions asked and keep them locked away? Has anyone here ever lost a phone? Thanks in advance for any replies! Jo.
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