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  1. My sister and I were able to attend the 4/19 taping this week, our first and last taping! We had non-standby tickets and got there at about 1pm. We were 15th and 16th in line. They interviewed some of us asking what the show meant to us so I’m guessing there will be some kind of tribute to the show which will be cool to see. Once they separated the line into standby and general admission, we were told that if you have a general admission ticket and are higher than #50 in line, you are automatically considered standby due to the number of VIP tickets that night. I don’t know how many actually got in. I was happy to get there early enough, but felt bad for all those that didn’t get in. I’m sad the show is ending, but was happy to be fortunate enough to experience a live taping.
  2. How about the line for the regular tickets. How many people are in line currently? I am attending next week's show and am trying to decide when to show up! Thanks!
  3. Hi! My sister and I will be attending next week's taping with non-standby tickets. As this season comes to an end, I feel that people will keep arriving earlier and earlier. Would you mind letting me know how early you get there and what numbers in line you get? This will help us decide when we think we should get there! Any other tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Hope you have an amazing time!!
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