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  1. It really moved me....this was a very important developement in leonards life.....monumental actually.I thank the writers or whoever made the decision to fix this cold relationship between leonard and his mother. Leonard needed this desperately.....and we all needed it desperately for him!!!! loved it....got teary.....but very very happy!!! well done to all involved in this storyline!!!!xxxx
  2. It makes me a little sad that this wonderful creation (The show) will never know the joy and laughter that you all have bought into my life. You will never see how much i watched you all ...over and over....many times just to lift my spirits when lifes challenges got to much. Yes its sad that i cant tell you all....that your hard work...dedication..and your very spirits will always be with me. God bless your future paths with love and success...health and happiness. Yes SHELDON....GOD!! lol !! love you all.....xxxx
  3. I discovered big bang theory only 3 years ago....when i was going thru a very traumatic time. I cant believe how i have come to love these people...i have watched all seasons over and over again....in fact they have become my security blanket lol!! i am 63 years old....noone in my age group of family and friends watch BBT...but i dont care....theyre all dumb anyway lol!! BUT my grandkids and I have the best time discussing the show and they love that their nanna is so into it!!!! Jim parsons has stolen my heart....from the very first moment i saw him on BBT...i cant describe the joy he
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