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  1. The stars all go through different emotions at differnet times coming up to the end of a show like this. Nothing takes away what he has done, can't imagine anyone else playing the part as well as him
  2. Its obvious - they are all going to walk out of the shower and say the last 12 series have been a dream and we go back to the start
  3. As a bloke, she can wear anything, I would still watch. My sister is a dress designer and rekons who ever dresses Penny really knows her stuff and this look is going to trend soon
  4. I've not been myself but a friend who goes regularly says it has been much busier since they announced it would be the last series
  5. Trying not to disrespect the other brilliant actors but I think Mayim is the best actor in the show. Harder to play someone so differenet from your own personality
  6. She could do anything, forget about all the advertising and run for presidentšŸ˜ƒ
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