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  1. You are tring to map particular deterioration sheldon maybe like crystal some aton grow not decay study that please could be the slice of pi you were hungry for SHELDON GOES INTO MENTAL HOSPITAL trying to map the growth of matter in string theory they catch him attemps to use a crain at a construction sight a cargo train to move matter and drop charges if he agrees to obsevation SHELDONS MOM " Sheldon your are as crazy as you are smart as briliant as they come8 i have to be honest that doctor that siad you wernt crazy when you w6ere yong i paid him 20$ which was alot back then and he still all
  2. Look i live on ssi and can act before a group i tweet as beeblez and would love to fly out and ham it up with you clasy people request travel arraignment round trip Hi-Lo hawaii to LA HOLLYWOOD A APARTMENT ABOVE WHOLE FOODS WOULD BE PERFECT you all are the experts probably know what i need more than me.
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