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  1. Totally agree! He just enjoys his privacy, he deserves it. 🥰
  2. https://deadline.com/2021/11/johnny-galecki-developing-cbs-comedy-aok-1234866088/
  3. Johnny owns a small farm in Tennessee and besides being a stay at home dad, he probably also takes care of it. He's been in the Hollywood business for over 30 years, so he really deserves some rest ...
  4. It's in stories, "W magazine"
  5. I totally agree. Sheldon`s quotes since I think 7th season and his behaviour are full of disrespect for everybody. Since I have watched TBBT multiple times, it is for me not funny any more... It is always only all about Sheldon 🙄 ,too much Sheldon-centric.
  6. Mary Cooper - Big Bang Theory, Evelyn Harper- Two and a Half Men, Lois- Malcolm in the middle, Bonnie Plunkett- Mom, Judy Eriksen- How I met your mother
  7. You must be kidding yourself ... Now I watch TBBT another (probably already 20) time from the beginning, I'm now in season 8 and so far in almost every episode Sheldon is bulling somebody. Making an innocent face at the same time. From being humiliated in his childhood, he has become the "bullier" of his best and only tolerant friends. Always and everywhere, Sheldon is the most important - Stuart's bookstore burned down - and he tells him that his life is collapsing because Leonard is engaged and wants to move out. Poor injured Sheldon. Amy goes with Leonard to Arizona to get him - and he tells her: "what are you here for?" I can exchange and exchange this way. Sorry, but especially from season 8-9, Sheldon is just a normal self-righteous asshole. And believe me, Asperger doesn't excuse him.
  8. https://www.instagram.com/p/CIOw3wSgzzQ/?igshid=dhzprx148y9m New post 😍
  9. I don`t think so. He wrote in comment "I drove 3.5 hours. Be safe, dear." and the photo is from Knoxville, TN. So I suppose he still lives in Nashville.
  10. New post from Johnny: https://www.instagram.com/p/CIHP64MgrCX/?igshid=pmx8rnpl4wu
  11. https://www.instagram.com/p/CH8OfwihoHz/?igshid=vjcsdqycb66h Avery is 1 year old today 😍🥳🎉
  12. Something must have happened between them in June/ July after her brother died. Johnny stopped following her on Instagram in July. Since then, Alaina only likes pictures of him where Avery is. Btw, from July, they both stopped wearing engagement rings (looking after the photos and IG stories)...
  13. I found that Johnny had bought a ranch near Nashville, TN, but I'd rather not reveal exactly where because of their privacy. He also managed to sell in November part of the land in Santa Margarita, CA. Additionally, Alaina's dad stated in one of his comments on his Instagram that she and Johnny are engaged :)
  14. He probably bought a farm with a large house near Nashville.
  15. I think they are both tired of the constant comments, that Alaina has too small baby bump, that Johnny could be her father, etc. From what I saw on her instastories, they were together in Nashville a few weeks ago, recently in Malibu, and with her family in Carlsbad and now they're in Chicago. Both of them are slowly withdrawing from showing their private lives to insta, especially Alaina, and are simply preparing for the child's birth. I hope we have nothing to worry about and everything between them is ok
  16. Johnny will be on Etna Comics in Italy on 7th June https://www.etnacomics.com/2019/04/27/da-the-big-bang-theory-leonard/
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