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  1. Maybe I missed it but was there a taping report of the finale? I am curious if there were any scenes that were cut.
  2. Hi Joyce! I wasn't bullied so much for being a scientist (though I've been bullied enough in academia - another matter for another time), but I have been bullied so much for simply being an anime/scifi/comics fan. Granted, I was never as well versed in every nuance like these characters were - I love watching the old Batman cartoon or anything with Batgirl in it, read comics and manga sometimes but my life has never really depended on it. There were so many times it was used against me because it wasn't perceived as normal. I also cosplay for a hobby - I don't do anything too risky but there have been times that people have said horrible things to my face or behind my back (stemming from the fact that I am not white like my costumed heroes). I also don't have the talent to make my own costumes from scratch but there is no shame in taking something store bought and making it your own. I've had my moments where I've been redeemed and it hasn't mattered. I hand painted a glow in the dark Tron costume that is a favorite among many in my communities, I've been Catwoman to help celebrate Batman's birthday for kids at Barnes and Noble (and they didn't care I was brown!) But some of the worst hate I ever received came from my desi community back home when I was growing up (people made assumptions about my sexual orientation, which was NOT COOL). It wasn't fair and having Raj normalize this truly meant a lot. But what I really love about the show is how they showed the characters grew past their stereotypes and were real people outside of labs and comics. And that's why I feel like there is never going to be a show like this again.
  3. Hi everyone! I posted a few weeks ago with my Plagiarism Schism spoilers (And I contributed a bit to that thread). I'm still battling this awful pneumonia and I'm probably over 60-75% of it now. Some hours I feel like I'm doing a thousand times better, other times I feel like I'm back to square 2 (because it doesn't feel as bad as it did that first week). I posted a love letter on instagram which to my surprise got 100 likes. Not sure if anyone I tagged in it has read it yet (https://www.instagram.com/p/Bw5gvfpn0Eh/) . I'll try to stay active this evening if anyone has any questions about anything else that happened that night!
  4. I'm so disappointed! I hope this isn't considered a spoiler now but... they did shoot a scene where Howard and Raj went to the Cheesecake Factory and creeped out a waitress. Kunal had some trouble saying Chocolate Mousse Cheesecake so he said it a few times to himself as the cameras were rolling. But this scene just made the scene between Bernadette and Howard so much sweeter. Personally I preferred this subplot as I didn't agree with the ending much as in academia real plagiarism doesn't work out that way. The whole gang's one scene together this time I think was supposed to be longer because right after Sheldon introduced the problem and they all sat down there were supposed to be more lines, but the writers must have changed it at the last second because they were all confused! And right before the scene where Amy and Sheldon were talking over dinner Jim had his lines on cue cards and snuck them in the bookshelf right before they started.
  5. I did! And perhaps this is what is saving me right now despite the awfulness of this all.
  6. Thanks everyone! Not going to quote everyone. Thanks for your well wishes. I’m a grad student and thankfully my next class isn’t until Tuesday but it feels like such an uphill battle to even get a little functional. The warm up comedian Mark Sweet has the audience stay revved up so that they can be pumped for the taping and has these little contests where audience members get keys to try to unlock a lock on a clear pouch with money and no one got it :(. As for the swift resolution it happened in the form of Dr Campbell revealing all in a drunken rage and Dr. Pemberton running off scared in an instant. Not really how things happen irl but... I guess they only have so much time. It was a fast confessional scene to Sheldon and Amy at the end of the episode.
  7. Sadly, I caught a "Big Bang Bug" of a flu somewhere between my trip there and friday afternoon and I'm still battling it. I'll post a couple of things though: Title: The Plagiarism Schism. Main Plot: Sheldon and Amy discover Pemberton likes to mooch off others' work instead of doing things on his own, but Penny and Leonard take the whistleblowing into their own hands which fails and then goes to Campbell for swift resolution (having been a victim of someone plagiarizing my own work, i didn't agree with how this resolved). Sub Plot: Cheesecake Factory made a final return as Bernie tells Howard that another waitress had a crush on him but that she herself made sure that didn't go any father, and Howard tried to find out hillariously who it was. I was seated in front of Penny's Apartment and the cheesecake factory was way way way off to the side past Sheldon and Leonard's place. Kal Penn and Sean Astin were there. I wish something had been done about the Raj and Anu arc because I was really curious about that. Couple quick anecdotes: Jim Parsons had his lines on cue cards and hid them in the shelf before a scene with him and Mayim. In the scene where Sheldon and Amy talk to the rest of them about what they know, the entire cast did not know some lines had been cut leading to some hilarious confusion! There was also a bit of a fight scene that was pretaped I wish they would have done live. And no one unlocked the 50 or 100 that was in the envelope.
  8. I'm a little busy this weekend but the taping I saw was #21 and the title is "The Plagiarism Schism" if someone wants to start a thread.
  9. I don't think they did. I was very lucky to have attended but there were so many VIPs that I don't think more than 50-100 on the guaranteed list got through. It was a little tricky to tell, I got in early and was in the top 20 of the guaranteed line. Audiences Unlimited staff was very angry and pushy that evening.
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