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  1. My first post! My experience attending the taping of 1215 'The Donation Oscillation' on January 22nd. We arrived to join the long line at 3pm and were #49 and #50 in the guaranteed ticket line. Everyone with guaranteed tickets got in that week. Around 15 people with standby tickets got in but even back in January the VIP numbers were building up. When we arrived at Soundstage 25, we were asked if we wanted to be seated at the back of the middle section or the front row to the right of the VIPs - there is only 4 seats on that row. We chose the front row right next to the VIPs - this was next to guests of Brian Thomas Smith (Zack) who came over to chat to his friends during breaks! It was a perfect location as all but two scenes (one in the cafeteria and one in Amy & Sheldon's apartment) were filmed right in front of us in Penny & Leonard's apartment or to our right = Bernadette and Howard's kitchen and Vomit Comet check-in. What was even better was that one of the VIPs had traveled from Canada and was a special guest of the cast. Mayim and Kaley came over to talk to her at the end of the taping and were stood right in front of me whilst welcoming the guest and exchanging greetings!! It was great to see and listen to the cast so up close as they talked to the VIP for 5 minutes and made a special visit (we traveled from the UK) even more memorable.
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