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  1. We were made to sign a non disclosure agreement as soon as we were seated in the parking structure. I’m not sure that is the norm. The audience MC, not sure what his official title is, constantly reminded us not to reveal anything we saw. They also showed us a previously taped episode that hasn’t been aired yet on the above head tv monitors while we were seated and waiting for things to start. I want to say that about 50 people on standby got in, but that is an even better story. I had been trying since January to get tickets for one of the remaining tapings with no luck. I was so frustrated, I finally sent an email at the beginning of March begging for any type of ticket to one of the final tapings. They replied back almost immediately that our names were put on the standby list for April 23, and no ticket would be required, we just needed our ID. I did try to get a guaranteed ticket for shows in between then with no luck also. We got out yesterday later than we wanted, and the traffic didn’t help, so we got in line around 10:30 and it looked like by rough count we were about number 40, but by the time the ticket people came, I want to say we were about number 50 with all the joiners to parties already in line. We got out our ID’s because we didn’t have a ticket and my heart dropped when they checked the list and said our name wasn’t on it. There were two people checking tickets and the other woman asked our name, and then said they’re on my list. So since it took a little bit of time to find our names, I looked and saw where the people in front of us had sat down and asked if we sit next to them, and they said no, and sent us to the empty row in the front. There were only two other people sitting there. We were a little confused by why we were sent there, so I asked the other two why we didn’t get to sit with everyone else, I wasn’t sure if it was a good or bad thing, and they said we were audience guests? I believe she said. She had a ticket that said “au ticket” I believe. We weren’t VIP, but were let in before they took any standby tickets. I saw later that the couple in front of us got in, but I didn’t see the people behind us in line, but it was hard to see the corner sections from where we got seated. Had we been taken in standby order, I believe we would have been right on the cusp of getting in. The front four rows were all taped off for VIP’s. I’m just so very thankful to the person who put our names on that list, because I’m still not sure if we would have made it in otherwise.
  2. We were wavering back and forth whether or not to go, so I finally sent an email on Monday to the tv ticket web site to see if they knew how many people might be let in on the standby tickets. They replied back right away and said they were hoping 40-50 might get in, of course not guaranteed, so we decided to go and take our chances, and I’m glad we did. We got in, and had an incredible time. It was all that, and so much more. Thanks to all responsible for this website and all posters for extra info on what to expect.
  3. Big Bang Theory 🤚✋Disneyland. We’re off for the day so we’ll have to decide where we want to wait in line.
  4. Since everyone will be stand by, I was hoping the first ones in line might get in. It would have to be an all VIP audience if no one in line got in.
  5. My husband and I have been to one taping before, it was a Halloween episode, and had been trying to get final season taping tickets, but only got stand by for April 23. I’ve been reading through messages and had a few questions. If we decide to go, what do you think our chances are to get in, and what time should we try to get in line? How early can you get in the parking garage, and do they charge? Also, can you bring chairs to sit in while you’re waiting in line? Thanks for any input or advice.
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