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  1. I really really want this to happen for Shamy. But still can't help to be anxious about their ending. I watched that interview @shellmentioned. The way Mayim answered if she is satisfied feeds some negative thoughts in me. I don't think I can take if something bad will happen to Shamy. I really hope for the best because despite of some negative bits that we get from interviews and articles, the overall feeling is that it ended in a sweet satisfying way. But i really hope Chuck Lorre's team knows what's best for their safety. 😂😂😂
  2. Hi! Im late in the game but im on vacation and lately, all i do is obsessing about the ending of this show. I've read all the articles about it and i want to highlight that TV guide bit about having a dark streak twist. They also had interview about the ending having a dark part and was corrected by Mayim that it is more complicated than dark. If that indeed is the title of episode 24, the stockholm syndrome could have a double meaning. Aside from the title being related to the nobel prize, I think one of them or all of them realized that they are actually experiencing being captive by each other in their own little world, have some kind of resistance over it but they ended up wanting to stay that way hence the ending having them just continually live their life as most of the cast had said. It might be more complicated than this but its fun to speculate. May I just add that because of this, I dont think Shamy will move out of the apartment which is something I really want for them. But I am still crossing my fingers. I just really want to let that out. Thank you for the space.
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