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  1. I didt like Raj ending alone. As I already said I think they could be a wonderful couple with Anu, him bei g a romantic woman and her being the practical man, so the reverse stereotypical roles. I think it would be great if Anu retur ed back from London saying she does no like her job as it is different from what she imagined and/or saying she does not enjoy it anymore without Raj. And this would be the romantic gesture from her side Raj wanted to experience. I think she is fhe type of woman he needs. Raj would show her more romanca and Anu would show him the reality and romantic films are different things. They could perfectly complement each ofher. I was hoping for Raj having happy ending wifh her the whole season.
  2. Am I the only person thinking Raj shoul have ended up with Anu? I was hoping for them the whole season. People say they dont match, but why? Because Anu is not a stereotypical romantic girl? Raj is! I loved how the roles in their relationship were a bit reverse where Anu was the practical man and Raj the emotional woman. Kind of. Because there are relationships like this in real life. I though they complement each other, Raj bringing a bit of romance to the relationship and Anu showing him the reality is not exactly like in the film. I think this is the type of woman he really needs, someone who would bring him back to reality. That scene when Raj came to apologise for installing the camera was awesome. He said I like you so much I want to start our relationship at the start, not in the middle. And although she didnt know the romantic film from which was the idea with words written on big paper, he made her smile, she understood the gesture and though it was cute and they were back together. I think this is how a man would react, or me for that matter because I dont watch romantic films either and still I am married to a man. A great example of her becoming more human and closer to Raj. And the whole thing with arranhed marriage which could have ended up as not a marriage immediately but a solid relationship and real love was good too.
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