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  1. Decided to watch a few episodes of TBBT because I could... Basically my impression of Jim Parson's character, Sheldon Cooper is that his backstory basically sets him up as the Bolivian Tree Lizard from The Simpsons. Other than that he is pretty much a leech who's whole existence is to suck the life out of the other characters on the show. Besides the obvious question of why would Leonard be friends/live with him (essentially the guy that he completely leeches off), Does his character actually bring anything to their group dynamic?? This is different to what he brings to the show. Sheldon Cooper is main to almost every episode plot of all of them and he probably is the big draw card. Just that any group would have kicked him out a long time ago (or smothered him in his sleep). For how much he detracts from the groups cohesion, I think it would have been interesting to remove him and have made Raj or Stuart as Leonard's roommate or just Sheldon portrayed by someone else to actually make him bring something to the group...
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