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  1. I'M pretty much new here so I don't know if this has been discussed in any other threads. I remember during the holidays reading another thread with 16 pages of replies and I couldn't find the answer to this. However this morning I was just going through the days main stories on MSN and it seems a group of fans might of figured it out. Here is the link to the article I read. https://www.msn.com/en-ca/entertainment/tv/big-bang-theory-fans-think-theyve-worked-out-pennys-surname/ar-BBYMGHj?li=AAggFp5 I don't know if I am allowed to attach links or not , I hope I am not breaking any rules. If I am I am sorry and the admins may delete my post, I'll understand.  Now I am not claiming that the name found is accurate I am just sharing what I read and I do not claim this information to be mine. I do not know what group of fans found this response. Now I'll just copy and paste what I read. 

    "In a fan theory that's been touted for a while now but is doing the rounds again, it's claimed the truth behind Penny's full name was first alluded to in season two.

    Namely, when Penny meets Leonard's mum Beverly, played by the brilliant Christine Baranski, for the first time.

    In an inadvertent therapy session, Penny recounts a story from her childhood to psychiatrist Beverly, recalling tension between her parents in which her mum called her dad "Bob".

    Later on in the series, when Penny's dad – the artist formerly known as Bob – comes to visit Penny, Leonard calls him Wyatt.

    In one of the more convincing Big Bang fan theories to date, it's suggested that Wyatt is actually Bob's surname, and by extension Penny's too.

    So, there you have it. Penny Wyatt it is – until the next (Big Bang) theory comes along."


  2. Oh don't get me wrong, I love him too as a television character. I wouldn't want to live with him(Really not)  but in the show he does make me laugh. When I wrote how he could be mean I was replying to someone who was saying that most of his insults and actions were from not knowing any better. As a character I really don't think the show would have been the same. 

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  3.  To say that Sheldon doesn't mean to be mean to others with his comments or words and even actions is not that true. Sheldon admits himself that he wishes to harm his intended target to make them feel as bad as he feels and sometimes worst. Every 2 or 3 shows he plots some sort of revenge on someone he considers wronged him. The problem is no one can definitely identify what he considers  as being wronged. 

    As you stated Sheldon has done very nice things for his friends but he has done some very bad things to them too. He kept the fact that he had an actual drivers license hidden for over 2 years because as he explained to Amy, he simply liked to be chauffeured around because it made him feel important. How about the time Sheldon told the FBI about Howard's attempt of impressing a date by crashing the mars rover. That caused Howard to lose his shot for a security clearance that he was needing. He also admitted that the only reason why he gave Howard such a hard time about his education (Not having a PHD) was because Howard had made a comment about Sheldon 10 years prior that Sheldon didn't like. Sheldon also cost the group a possible fortune at one point because 7 years prior the group had an idea to mine for bitcoins and they excluded Sheldon from participating. So Sheldon stole the bitcoin file from Leonard's computer and put it on a batman flash drive that was latter lost. 

    But as someone stated in an earlier post it's not that people hate Sheldon , it that the Sheldon persona is completely obnoxious. Sheldon persona makes this show so much more funny yes but I personally would not be able to live with someone who acted exactly like Sheldon. Yes he is sometimes naïve and doesn't realize what he says is actually hurtful but on most occasions he is. After all as he says so often he is a genius and a grown man. 

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  4. Comedy channel in Canada is playing every episode of TBBT this year between Christmas and New years. So I got a chance to see things I missed during my first viewing of this awesome show. One thing I notice and question is Why during Bernadette's second pregnancy is she more often than not filmed in her bedroom away from the group. Was there some sort of medical reason in the show part of the story line that I missed or was it back stage drama that required her to be separated from someone else. 

  5. I remember in one episode where Penny tells Bernadette that since she had unprotected sex with Howard she wasn't allowed to complain about her pregnancy. Also in another episode when Amy and Sheldon go down to Beverly hills city hall to get married. Sheldon asks the clerk if they need to be tested for anything and the women replies no. Sheldon interject and says something like "Well how will you be able to tell if one of us has syphilis. " The clerk responds with "we will assume that neither of you have syphilis".

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