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  1. I was questioning the purpose of Paige in Young Sheldon, other than as a rival to Sheldon. However, in the last episode we saw her, she had given up on science and was behaving wildly. After re-watching her 4 episodes so far, it struck me that her mother has had as big of a character arc as Paige and it got me wondering, what if that's the point. Think about it; the show has set up Sheldon's parents' marriage as a rock in the face of Sheldon's precociousness, so George Sr. just going out there and sniffing around would be out of character. However, Paige's mom is a known quantity th
  2. I’m really hoping to find a few good sounding boards/beta readers for my Young Sheldon/The Big Bang Theory Crossover story. In my previous experience, detailed responses to my work spur my creative juices, as it helps me to see what my readers are picking up on, missing, or are uninterested in, so if you’re willing to help, you’ll need to be as brutally honest and specific as possible. As I start to write, I may ask for more feedback, at least until I have a solid ending point in mind, but I won’t be upset if you wish to drop out before the final chapters. My story might not be your cup of
  3. aeverett

    Amy's Mom

    Again, I don't necessarily see it as abuse so much as being out of sync with her son. He needed a more affectionate mother and that wasn't who Beverly was. Amy's mom sought to impose her will upon her daughter by any means necessarily and to keep her ignorant of the world in ways that brought harm to Amy, in order to maintain that absolute control. That is far worse. Beverly just didn't know how to parent Lenard right, and considering her methods had worked wonders for her other two kids, she had ever reason to believe that Lenard would flourish under her system in the end. As far as we k
  4. Considering how backlogged the Coronavirus epidemic has left the TV and Film industry, I doubt the producers will ever film it, but does anyone have any idea how we'd get them to release the script? Or do you think they'll integrate it's content into future episodes? P.S. Do you think we'll ever find out anything more about what was supposed to be the finale?
  5. aeverett

    Amy's Mom

    I'm not sure Beverly's behavior rose to the level of abuse, although possibly some form of neglect. Beverly merely didn't give Lenard the validation he desired. Amy's mom supposedly locked her in closets and forbid her from having friends or engaging in social activities. Beverly was certainly cold and clinical, but her parenting created far less damage in her offspring. Of course, this assumes Amy's stories over the years were truthful.
  6. aeverett

    Amy's Mom

    I disagree. Young Amy would be a sad series. We saw what Amy's life would have been like had she not met Sheldon and the gang, in 'The Cooper Extraction'. An entire show of birthday cupcakes with the protagonists tears in the icing would be the best we could get. Amy's life was tragic before she starts hanging out with Sheldon, which I believe is why she puts up with so much from him. As difficult as Sheldon might be, he's 1000 times better than what she had before. In Amy's eyes, he's the neurotic, but handsome, white knight that rescued her from a life of misery. That's why, when he
  7. aeverett

    Amy's Mom

    True. I almost forgot that, which casts more suspicion on Amy's upbringing. Was her mother just strict and overbearingly overprotective, or did it reach the level of psychological and emotional abuse?
  8. aeverett

    Amy's Mom

    I've recently been considering Mrs. Fowler and the type of woman she was, but can't get a handle on her. We see her in 3 episodes, but hear of her in relation to Amy's childhood a lot more. Yet we also know that Amy is a bit unreliable in her discussions of her mother, due to the fact that she lied to both Sheldon and her mom to get out visiting her in Season 12. So, what do you all think is the deal with Mrs. Fowler? We know she prevented Amy from having any friends or a social life during her childhood, yet somehow expected her to date regularly once she'd grown up. We've been to
  9. Actually, I believe it was Mary who couldn't take Sheldon away for one night at that fancy school for genius'. She pulled him from the home of that administrator at the school and he was glad to be home, but it was Mary who insisted Sheldon come home.
  10. In the Season 1 finale, we saw Sheldon stumble upon the idea of the a relationship agreement, like the roommate agreements he makes with Lenard or the relationship agreement he draws up with Amy. In Season 2's finale, we saw the TBBT cast at the same moment as Young Sheldon while he listened to the Nobel Prize announcements. So, do you guys think we'll get another direct reference to the future Sheldon in the Season 3 finale, or was the cafeteria in 'Pasadena' the only one for this season?
  11. No, I think Sheldon says his offer of a hot beverage to his wife while in labor was met with her suggestion that she throw it in his own face.
  12. Yes, but she wasn't Penny. It only counts if the character (not necessarily the actor or actress) from TBBT is the one in scene. Example, if Christine Baranski did a cameo as Dean at East Texas Tech, that wouldn't count, but if she came to East Texas Tech as Dr. Beverly Hofstadter, as a guest lecturer for the psychology department, that would. It's about the character in TBBT making a cameo, not the actor or actress.
  13. I just started watching Young Sheldon and have caught up on series. I LUVED the Season 2 finale where we saw all TBBT main cast as kids. So, who from the parent show would you like to see make an appearance in Young Sheldon? I'm a shameless Shamy fan, so I'd like to see Sheldon and his siblings interact with Young Amy in some fashion. I could see Amy coming to Houston to compete in a national competition, maybe a spelling bee or science weekend for kids or something, giving rise to a meet cute. So, that is my answer, what do you guys imagine?
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