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  1. I don't want to get off topic too much otherwise Tensor will spank us lol but my biggest disappointment when it comes to Leonard is that they didn't allow him to achieve anything big in physics. Don't get me wrong, he's built a good life for himself , he's a renowned academic, he's got a great job at Caltech but I was so hoping he'd get a big win at some point ( not a Nobel because that was never gonna happen for him, let's be realistic) but alas... I had so many hopes.
  2. I also loved the fact he was a big fan of Leonard, this doesn't happen very often, you know because Leonard is nothing special * eye roll*
  3. Yeah Dave was a great character, would have been nice to see more of him. i still laugh like an idiot anytime I see that scene where he has to lean down to talk to Leonard . OMG Stephen Merchant is a gem.
  4. Happy birthday Chucky ! Leonard's doing the happy dance for you 😄 Although I suspect you would have preferred a dancing Penny. Hope you had a great day !
  5. He was always living in fantasy land, he never learnt anything from his failed relationships , he never grew. He brought this onto himself really. it always makes me laugh when i read on social media that it's sad he didn't get his happy ending. he might have got his happy ending if he had changed his attitude towards love and relationships. Howard , Penny and Sheldon ( of all people !!! ) were able to do it. He was an immature obnoxious ass in season 1 and still was in season 12. Sad, really. He really needed therapy I think.
  6. I remember reading that Johnny wasn't happy at all with that story . It doesn't surprise me, I can totally see him being very protective of the Penny character. Did Kaley ever say anything about it ? No idea why the writers went there in the first place. In a way I liked that we had some sort of explanation of what happended but the fact that Raj had a clearer recollection of the events makes me uncomfortable. Was he more aware of what was happening? Was he more in control? We'll never know. And as much as I loathe that story , I can't totally be mad at Raj because there was alcohol involved. Truth be told, I was actually more mad at Leonard at the end of season 3 when he slept with a drunk Penny when he was sober. I wish he had said no . Plus it would have been a nice recall to that Halloween episode in the first season when he stopped her because she had too much to drink. Sorry I'm rambling, it's just that these stories of "drunk Penny and sex" don't always sit right with me
  7. That episode cemented my opinion that Raj was an ass. I disliked the Penny/Raj drunken hook-up mostly because it served no purpose really but to learn that Raj was still using that non-event just to brag ( "I tell everybody ") made me mad even more so because we saw Penny and Raj have genuine frienship moments after that hookup and i was thinking it was nice they put that behind them, you know , water under the bridge. Regarding your last sentence , I think it would have weirded him out for a while but he would have moved on . After all, both Penny and Raj were single. My gut tells me he would have resented Raj more than Penny though.
  8. Exactly. And for all we know she might be quite miserable in private. Maybe that's her way of coping with all that stuff.
  9. I for one do not believe for one minute that she married Karl for security or because he's from a wealthy family.
  10. The whole thing feels so sudden. I mean it wasn't that long ago that they were celebrating their third anniversary. Why have you stayed married to me for so long?! I'm sincerely impressed @mrtankcook lol I thought that was funny at the time, now it sounds very bittersweet.
  11. This makes me sad, they looked so happy but then again we don't know what happens behind closed doors. I wish them well, sometimes it is for the best. I'm very annoyed with some newspapers who felt it was necessary to list the men Kaley has been involved with, like does it even matter??
  12. wow she looks amazing ! She always looks gorgeous in red . I guess she could be wearing a garbage bag and still look good ( no im not jealous 😛 )
  13. I suppose it was easier in a way to write for him , when you have a character with so many quirks and neuroses , he could be /do whatever they wanted him to be each week to the point it became overkill. I would have been okay with so much focus on Sheldon if all the other characters had been well treated. It's the lack of balance that really annoyed me after season 8. The most infuriating thing for me regarding Sheldon is that he really regressed in the last two seasons . He had shown some growth then became nothing but an insufferable man-child. His speech during the redo was totally unnecessary . Like , was it a big revelation to anyone that L/P are important and mean a lot to him? (although he has a funny way of showing it ) Nope.
  14. Yay!! So very happy for Kaley and her team! They all worked hard.
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