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  1. Yeah it’s good to rant once in a while LOL Regarding their first wedding, I was okay with the idea of them eloping,somehow I never pictured a big wedding for these two so I was fine with that. In saying that, they didn’t have to make it look so cheap and tacky ( pot pourri from the bathroom , breakfast at the stippers’ club etc). They could have had a nice sweet wedding , even in Vegas. Of course, the boat kiss revelation made everything worse. What was even harder for me was them spending their wedding night apart. So you have Penny in 4B having to process all that on her own, Sheldon rambling because he’s obviously confused and hurting and as mad as I was at Leonard , seeing him like that in his armchair made me sad. There’s a guy who messed up big time and he knows he only has himself to blame. I really felt for the three of them. For me , the writers didn’t quite get the comedy nor the drama right in this particular episode. Now for their second wedding, I really didn’t care for Sheldon’s speech , as nice as it was. What pis*ed me off was the “ weird other husband that came with the apartment” line. I mean, was that really necessary ? They spent seasons showing us the bond between the three, be it friends, brotherly/sisterly , surrogate parents and even masters/pet and now he’s her “ weird other husband''? I don’t know if was more insulting to Leonard or Amy. Again , another nice moment that had to be cheapened. As for the Shamy wedding , it was the most iconic character in the show getting married so you’d expect the writers to put out all the stops for the big event, detailed wedding planning, a bachelor’s party , a nice ceremony and a honeymoon. Why they thought Lenny deserved less than that is anybody’s guess. I think for their vegas wedding they went for an " unconventionnal TV wedding" . Not a very satisfying explanation but that's all I can think of. H/B got a nice wedding then nothing, Lenny got 2 subpar weddings then nothing, Shamy got everything, that’s really not fair.
  2. I've just checked the episode on Netflix and we definitely see the guys dancing . Next scene is Leonard entering the apartment " singing" , then Sheldon pointing out that Penny didn't reject Leonard, he didn't ask her out etc... So it's definitely been cut!
  3. It's the hairy armpit that makes me think it is Karl.
  4. i knew i had seen that dress somewhere ! well done Chef. I love how she still remembers John Ritter so fondly ❤️
  5. I can't decide if it's a sweet or weird compliment. Don't think it has anything to do with Karl though.
  6. I wonder if Johnny and Tom have met yet .
  7. That's because Johnny is the best guy ❤️
  8. Yes, great post Mario! I tend to believe her when she says she won't get married ever again. It was a pretty strong statement she made to Jessica Radloff " you can put that on the cover" Not saying she can't change her mind but she'd look rather foolish IMO. It was obvious her and Tom had a very strong connection from the beginning, I'm a bit surprised she'd call him the love of her life so soon though. To be honest , I'm not sure what to make of that. I think it's nice she wants to support him in what he is filming. I remember reading an interview of French actress Charlotte Gainsbourg ( whose husband is also an actor and film director) and she said it can get difficult when one works more than the other or gets offered better , more prestigious projects. It can lead to jealousy, competition and resentment. I really hope it'll all work out for K and T. Yeah looks like Karl is history now but that's Kaley's M.O . She falls hard and fast but when it's over , she doesn't dwell on it too long and moves on.
  9. Maybe just a random fan who asked for a picture. Johnny's looking good!! ( I'll be in Paris in a few days, wait for me Johnny !! )
  10. You know, there's a tiny part of me that can't help but think that Karl might have been the one doing the " dumping" so to speak and it kinda feels like Kaley is making a point of showing that she's moved on. Or maybe it's the Leonard in me that overthinks everything.
  11. We know that when she falls for a guy, she falls hard and fast. I can't say that i'm entirely surprised by this development. Seems to me that she craves affection and that she gets a sense of fulfillment when she is in a relationship. It's not necessarily something I agree with but I can understand it. She makes herself very vulnerable though but just like Penny once said " the heart wants what the heart wants" ...
  12. i know i'm very curious... like how long have they known each other , stuff like that . how did they meet, i'm a huge gossip and i want to know everything !!
  13. Clearly way too soon to be talking about an engagement plus she's been adamant about not getting married ever again. There's been so many articles about Kaley and her new beau that Karl's probably seen the pics ( unless he doesn't read the news) , it may not be easy for him.
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