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  1. Yeah she did and Sheldon even acknowledged it. Whether you agree or not is irrelevant really.
  2. To quote Penny " that's quite a list you've got there". Poor Amy though.
  3. I believe it's in season 11 ,the episode where Sheldon wants to be the new Professor Proton. Leonard explains that Prof Proton is the reason he got into science and Penny says " I thought it was to get girls" LOL , then you have Leonard's reply "joke's on you, it worked".
  4. She looked stunning at the Golden Globes without wearing anything "sexually tasteless"... Just a beautiful maternity dress.The black Dior dress didn't suit her at all in my opinion
  5. Not a fan of the dress she wore at the critics choice awards though. Made her look old.
  6. I thought her due date was the 26th of February or did I dream that?
  7. They look so happy 😊 Kaley's looking gorgeous 😍
  8. Well, the character has changed a lot ( or grown, depends on how you look at it ) so you won't find a consensus on what makes the best Sheldon episodes . People who love the early incarnation of the character will most likely name episodes from season 1 to season 4.
  9. Omg that dog is so cute ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ And Johnny is looking good too!! 😁
  10. happy new year guys! All the best to you and your loved ones
  11. I guess she's just really excited, honestly I was expecting way more pregnancy pictures lol I have been questioning her fashion sense lately. I guess she's going for comfort rather than style but she's been wearing stuff even Amy Farrah Fowler wouldn't wear !
  12. Honestly I don't think they would have split up over the no kids decision. Leonard will never have a Batmobile or a Nobel but as long as Penny is by his side he's happy
  13. It's an excellent fic. TrainsAreCool is a brilliant L/P writer. As for the show I think the writers got it right in the end with H/B but for years their dynamic was terrible even though they had their sweet moments. They didn't always get L/P right but at least I see two adults in a relationship and not a weird man-child /mother or carer dynamic with them unlike the other two couples
  14. Yes, a happy Christmas to you my TBBT friends!!
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