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  1. It's such a good picture of him! He looks great, he's ageing well! Surprised to see him with a cigarette though, I thought he quit years ago?!
  2. Oh man, I'm sick to the back teeth of this! I've seen it a lot too. Leonard took advantage of her drunken state to get her pregnant yaddy yadda. Do people really think she would have driven home drunk with Sheldon in the car?? She wasn't even tipsy or whatever. Most likely Lenny got carried away and didn't "wrap" as she puts it. I wasn't fond of the way they wrote the pregnancy in the show but to suggest that Leonard got her pregnant without her consent or whatever is ridiculous.
  3. There's an episode where we see her diploma in her office and it says The University of California, Los Angeles.
  4. It's a bit of both I think. L/ P are opposites in many ways ( although they have a lot in common personality wise IMO) so the writers played that card until the end... Had it been during seasons 8-10 , I would have agreed about " they settled for each other" but there was a much more positive energy between them in season 11 so that's all it was really about, they don't have many shared interests. Also I think it was a way to give Shenny screetime, they're a popular pairing after all but once the Shamy took over the show, the Shenny pairing became an afterthought, just like Lenny. One thing that annoys me about the lack of shared interests between LP is that you have the same thing with Howardette and yet the writers never really made a big deal about it. Both H/B are scientists but I don't recall them talking much about science together. She made it clear she doesn't care about his magic and interests, and as far as I remember, she doesn't have any hobbies so what do they do together? What do they talk about?
  5. In the picture I saw Sheldon was the tinman but there was no Meemaw
  6. It's weird, I have seen all the episodes and I don't remember ever seeing that scene. I have seen a picture of the family all dressed up in their costumes, it's said to be from an episode in season 3!
  7. You should have borrowed Leonard's sarcasm sign! 😆😆
  8. Maybe next time you can tell us what the podcast is actually about... Mayim is barely in it. What a waste of time really.
  9. Saw a rather misleading article title this morning... "Kaley Cuoco shares news of engagement" or something along those lines and I was already shaking my head thinking " Kaley, what happened to I'm never getting married again" 😆 Good news for Bri though
  10. He does look really good! So handsome! And younger, I actually thought it was an old pic of him. I wish he would communicate a bit more about his projects etc.
  11. and what's the point of posting a video of something that happened 10 years ago ? I wonder when she'll go back to acting ? I guess she'd like to spend as much time possible with her baby girl at the moment ( and they grow up ao fast ) but what happened to that Doris Day biopic she was working on ? Was it put on hold when she got pregnant ?
  12. It's getting hotter on this side of the pond! I'm in the North of France so the weather is relatively okay but Southern Europe is experiencing extremely high temperatures, don't think it's as bad as it is in some US regions yet though. Stay safe guys!
  13. Well, I never thought i'd say that but I'm really starting to dislike the Mary character! George Sr comes across as a man who has been beaten down by life . While he may not be the perfect husband or father, he's still a decent family man ( until he cheats on his wife of course) , I 'd even go as far as saying he's a better parent than Mary. I feel increasingly sorry for Missy. Sheldon looks more and more like the character we got to meet on TBBT. I had a hard time reconciling Sheldon as a kid and the adult we saw on the show. I feel that it's really the Meemaw character that carries the show.
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