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  1. I was mostly ambivalent about him in the first five seasons , I found him incredibly annoying yet entertaining ( most times), I even felt sorry for him a couple of times, thinking it must not be easy being him. Mid season 6 is when he really started to irk me ,up to a point that at the end of the seventh season , I simply couldn't stand him anymore . Granted , he got to become a better partner to Amy ( that's the only growth Ive seen in him but i'm very biased) after that but he kept on treating his friends like crap until the end !! Maybe that's why Leonard is my most liked character , he
  2. oh I'm sure Lenny will grow old and gross together 😍😍
  3. Yep , for me too. And they spent seasons developing his character growth ( and he has shown some growth ) but he had his epiphany because yet again someone had to point it out to him that he had messed up and had been a jerk. To me , the real growth would have been him , on his own , realising he had hurt his friends.
  4. Yeah , there were times they really took the snark too far. And I'm with you regarding Sheldon. Unpopular opinion but his Nobel speech didn't do much for me, as nice as it was.
  5. From what I read in the various Facebook groups I joined ( not sure if it's really representative though) , Penny is the most liked character right after Sheldon who seems to be the favourite. I believe his Nobel speech redeemed the character ( not in my eyes but that's besides the point) . The main criticism I see regualarly regardind Penny is " she was nice at the start and ended up being a mean b*tch"
  6. Done! Hope this helps and good luck with your degree !
  7. That's our Penny alright πŸ˜† πŸ˜‚ what's that bottle near the pizza box ? Is that bourbon ? ( remember Penny doesn't share her bourbon ). Gotta love Kaley 😍😍
  8. Tasteless , crass and very disturbing to be honest. I can't believe they even thought this would be funny.
  9. That was hilarious πŸ˜‚
  10. Yep I agree too! She looked really beautiful ( I'm not being bad and that's the very biased Lenny lover in me speaking but I think Dr&Mrs Hofstadter looked better than the bride and groom ... I loved the moment they walked away and she put her arm around him, so cute 😍) Lenny were clearly in a supportig role this season (i feel like i barely saw Johnny G) but overall , i liked what i saw. Penny had some of the best lines , I really liked her this season.
  11. yeah me too! she's a genuinely good person, she deserves to be happy !
  12. oh man , i had no idea he was from a rich family . At least we know he's not with her for her money ( not that I ever thought he was, the man is clearly very smitten with her but who wouldn't ? )
  13. It was beyond ridiculous , a total waste of time!! I don't remember much from the Shamy wedding apart from Mark Hamill and that Penny was awesome as a maid of honour ( can't remember what she was wearing though!! ). Amy's dress was a disaster anyway, she looked ridiculous in my opinion , like a big pile of used tissues. Speaking of Penny : Really?! Well I’ve got a figure of speech about how sexually promiscuous you can go be with yourself. This is my favourite Penny quote of the season ( along with " I married you , jackass πŸ˜† that's the Penny I love and I was missing her ).
  14. great !! thanks for the heads up ! can't wait to watch it !!
  15. Well it was the wedding of the year * insert one of Penny's almighty eyerolls here* . I still can't believe there's a whole episode dedicated to him picking a date. Too bad we never found out what happened with that PR position Penny was considering. I could totally see our girl thrive in that kind of job. Oh well she's happy , she thinks their life is great and man , doesn't she look gorgeous in that season? The best she's looked since the start of the show IMO
  16. oh boy i'm half way through season 11 , what a nice change for Lenny compared with seasons 8-10. Im exaggerating a bit but it almost feels like they've rediscovered their bond !! There are things that still rub me the wrong way but overall I'm a happy lenny lover so far , they're very much in sync, there's nice banter between them, I missed that. I've watched the Bitcoin episode twice in two days 😍😍 wonderful!
  17. johnny's reply πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜† " Um" She's so happy and very much in love . So cute. Her husband seems to be a very likeable and decent fella.
  18. Thanks for the video. " I wanted to hire everybody" πŸ˜†πŸ˜† She's adorable. She seems to be very proud of her team. Hope all their hard work pays off
  19. agreed. they both were untapped resource in the later seasons , a real shame
  20. Oh yeah 😜 What I didn't get to see on screen I got to read in fanfic ( a personal fave is Penny telling Leonard in the heat of the moment lol I can totally see her do that ) .Not that it makes everything better but it is something. And there are some seriously talented people out there , loads of wonderful Lenny stories to enjoy. Yes, very good point and it makes a lot sense because they've always both been very caring people . I'm going to digress a bit but please bear with me lol . I know ive been complaining a lot ( sorry ) about the whole pregnancy arc for Lenny but in the end i was
  21. oh yeah The Laureate Accumulation was full of Lenny goodness " sometimes i forget you're smart because you're so sexy" " yeah I can see that" πŸ˜† pure lenny banter i love so much. But the moment i prefer is when they're in Prof Thorne's office. I had a flashback of Penny in the first episode, a young naive aspiring actress , a decade later, she's in Caltech with her husband talking to a Nobel Laureate , it made me smile at the time and it still makes me smile now that I'm thinking about it . Leonard full of love and pride , Penny at her charming best . Love it. hehehe that slap was phen
  22. you do make very good points. I guess my main gripe is that we didn't get to see why she felt that way. she went from contemplating the idea of motherhood in previous seasons to saying " I know I’d be great, but the point is I don’t want to be one." ( which is fine obviously, but why ??? )
  23. fantastic news!! im really happy for her and her team!
  24. oh I get it, i do the same for season 4, I skip all the parts with Priya ( can't stand her) but enjoy the rest of the episodes . I'll do the same for the Shamy parts from now on.
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