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  1. Honestly , i thought Stuart was quite charming , funny and confident. ( at the time) I can see Penny thinking the same Don't think she wanted more than a fling with him though
  2. yeah behind the self-deprecating humour, you can tell she's really hurting.
  3. it didn't bother me that much either , it just felt a bit forced to me. Bold part: I choose to see that as a testament to who L/P are as individuals and as a couple. Leonard's always been the most sensible one amongst the guys ( not that he had much competition, mind you LOL ) and Penny can be very perceptive and offer sage advice. To me it makes a lot of sense their friends would turn to them, they're the most mature adults in the group. Of course I would have loved to see more of them and see them get meatier plots, Penny especially but clearly the writers had other ideas. Penny , the female lead character and for a very long time, most popular character after Sheldon, wasn't treated as such in the later seasons, it's baffling.
  4. I'll just have to tell myself that those heartfelt moments happened off-screen , that's where the characters had their best stories at times. I had never thought about Bernie like that but now that you've mentionned it, it sounds like something she could do.
  5. Yeah it felt a bit like a Shamy fanfic lol season 10 was even worse for that. Also i had a hard time believing Penny's realisation that Amy was her best friend. I wasn't really convinced. I would have found it more believable if we had seen more closeness and hearfelt moments between the two of them. Friendly banter and snark we have seen but that's all
  6. Yeah in the end it's all that matters. I still think they went too far just for the laughs.they could have picked something that was Amy's style without making her look ridiculous ( just my opinion). Nevermind the swans, she looked like a pile of toilet roll to me . But hey this is the Lenny thread and let's not get off topic πŸ˜‹ Just watched " Higg's Boson" at lunchtime. I like a jealous Penny " Well a lot of people can't"
  7. I wasn't sure where to post this so Tensor please remove my post if it's not in the right place. In an episode George Sr calls Missy " slugger" , ( that made me smile) . I was wondering is it a common nickname for young girls in the US ? I thought it was a made-up nickname Wyatt came up with for Penny. Does it mean anything then ? Thank you
  8. Oh yeah they meant every word. It's just that to me they were not wedding vows. When Sheldon said " I promise to love you etc", that, to me is a vow. I'm just nitpicking πŸ˜‰
  9. When you think about it, Howardette didn't make any vows, neither did Lenny, Sheldon was actually the only one who made a vow on his wedding day lol. During the wedding redo we have Leonard say he should just be grateful for having Penny in his life and yet he's depicted as a complacent husband who doesn't appreciate his wife and takes her for granted. Penny says she's incredibly happy and yet we mostly saw dissatisfaction. What a mess. We got nothing but angst and cheap drama. I get that there's comedy in conflict but none of that stuff was funny. I for one don't remember laughing much and laughter is pretty much what I expect when watching a sitcom I don't know. I think season 5-season 8 Bernie was downright mean (with the occasional nice moment I liked it when she stood up for her husband) . She softened a lot after Mrs W's passing and when she became a mum. To me she was worse than Penny.
  10. his choice of words sure is interesting.... had he written " you're the only one ... " but i dunno , it kinda sounds like a cheap shot at K. Or maybe we're overthinking this
  11. I didn't like that line, it was unnecessarily harsh IMO, a classic Penny eye roll would have accomplished the same thing
  12. Wishing you all a merry Christmas my Lenny friends 😍
  13. I think it's the type of jokes casual viewers find funny but because you and I love Penny we find them distasteful. I also believe that Penny didn't really care about what Sheldon thought of her sexual history. I was more puzzled by Leonard's lack of reaction at times ( like in the dialogue i posted before ,why is he not telling Sheldon to shut his trap ??? ) or remember season 10 " it's Penny's bed , plenty of men have been there before" , Penny laughs it off, but you have Leonard not saying anything?? Amy was no better, mind you, she could have told Sheldon he was being rude. Anyway , i agree , once Penny was engaged then married , all these jokes about her past promiscuity should have been dropped.
  14. Well, he can be an arse and his bluntness is the perfect tool to deliver all those distateful jokes and comments. This dialogue from season 8 I found absolutely crass, and i'm not a prude whatsoever. Leonard: Well, do you think when she and I had that conversation, she left people off her list? Sheldon: I’m sure she did. Leonard: Why? Sheldon: Because if she hadn’t, she’d still be wading through the list. Leonard: Will you stay out of this? Sheldon: If only Penny had said that once in a while. They all commented on Penny's sexual history at some point, including Penny herself ( although now i wonder if Leonard ever commented on it ?? ) but Sheldon really seemed to be fixating on it. Really weird.
  15. i've just rewatched it, so funny , goes to show they could have written Lenny as a funny couple instead of all the drama and angst and fights.
  16. Very interesting fun fact about Mayim, i never knew that. Raj in his tighty whities πŸ˜† he looked like he was wearing a diaper.
  17. So funny 🀣 I'm reading their story where Lenny go horse riding " They walked back to the car... Well, Penny walked, Leonard was more straddling an invisible miniature horse. " LOL i'm picturing the scene and I can't stop laughing
  18. Some of my favourite writers too !! TrainsAreCool wrote some great Lenny stories too. His/Her fics are so funny
  19. @Tensor Thank you, that was very informative. And i still owe you reviews for "The Unwrapped Consequence" 😜
  20. I have yet to read a romantic Shenny fanfic in which both are written in character that works. No success so far. And I find it's usually Sheldon who is not in character at all. Often, he says stuff that could easily come out of Leonard's mouth and obvisouly it doesn't work. And yeah, some of the stories are nothing but Leonard and or Amy bashing. At least some of the authors give you a warning i.e " if you like Leonard, don't read that story " lol. I can undesrstand they're disappointed the show didn't give them what they wanted but I think some writers really take it too far. I mean it's pure hatred they have for the Leonard and Amy characters ( Leonard even more so than Amy). It feels weird to write " hatred" when it comes to fictionnal characters but that's what it is in some cases. It's disturbing. At the end of the day , it's fiction so they can write what they want of course but I find this baffling. Not to mention the fics in which Penny and Sheldon cheat on their respective partners . I mean, is it how you want them to be together? It's a shame because some of the stories are really well written. @chucky for a long time i thought you were Chuk49 !!!
  21. What i meant is when compared to Shamy or Shenny fics. Regarding the authors having stopped writing or not finishing their stories , it might be due to the lack of reviews , I don't know.
  22. When you look at it , there aren't that many Lenny writers and stories, it's weird. But I can honestly say that i've never been disappointed by any of the Lenny fics i've read
  23. That was such a funny scene 🀣 Happy birthday Mayim
  24. you know, that's the thing that truly annoys me in the writing of the L/P story, those numerous off-screen break-ups. We're supposed to believe she dumped him many times and took him back because nothing better came along... ? They make it sound like she doesn't value him or their relationship. Ugh
  25. Hokie , i wish I could love your post a thousand times ❀️ The Bitcoin episode is a personal favourite , i'm so happy the writers gave us that moment. I think I got just as emotional as the Pop-Tart when watching Penny's splanation. he needed to hear that. Of course he knows she loves him but i'm not sure he was aware of how much she loves him exactly. And she loves him deeply. I don't care what anybody says, the Lenny love is beautiful. True, we didn't get that many nice moments in the later seasons but what we got to see was quite special , to me at least.
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