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  1. He was drunk when he gave a speech and ended up on Youtube .Drunk in the karaoke bar . He also reacted badly to cold medecine . There was the time Howard gave him Valium and the time Amy gave him " special juice"
  2. oh definitely. It's the type of behaviour he's known all his life and in a weird way i think it brings him some comfort. The human brain works mysteriously and Leonard is a bit messed up like that. In saying that , i believe he genuinely loves Sheldon and cares about him.
  3. As dysfunctional as it is , the Leonard/ Sheldon friendship is central to the show so it was never going to end. I really wish they had Leonard move in with Penny much sooner than they did on the show though. It got absolutely ridiculous. There's one thing I'd like to know though is why Leonard would think he needs Sheldon ( like he said to Prof Proton). We never got the answer to that. Also there's one thing i wish the writers remembered and it is that line from season 2 episode 23 ( Sheldon to Leonard " I can’t comment without violating our agreement that I don’t criticize your work." ) If there's one thing Sheldon respects it's his agreements, his whole life revolves around them, you'd think he'd be true to his word and not diss his friend's work all the time. There must have been one hell of a loophole in that agreement.
  4. I love the guy but Leonard looked dumb in that episode. I loved that Penny suggested he should get his money back from Princeton 😆🤣 Great performance by Johnny G in that episode though
  5. Leonard was too stubborn and he got caught up in the craziness of the situation , he could have taken the sweater off but the episode did show quite a nasty side of Sheldon. A person who can plot a revenge for years for something as trivial as a DVD rental isn't clueless plus he saw that his friend was in actual physical pain and could have stopped the whole thing. The silence at the end of the episode was quite telling I thought. Everybody was left wondering WTF
  6. I can't remember the exact quote but he says to Leonard something along those lines in season 8 " i know I can be difficult so thank you for putting up with me". So there's a level of self-awareness, he knows his behaviour can hurt his friends.
  7. well, yeah, he's selfish and self-absorbed but he can be a caring friend at times. If he were an inconsiderate jerk all the time, you'd wonder how the guy even has friends in the first place.
  8. oh I don't think you can have TBBT without Sheldon. He makes the show, whether we like it or not.
  9. it's a shame really because , when used right, the character can be very funny but in the later seasons i find him so infantile, petty and just plain rude that he doesn't make laugh , i just wince. I think having so much focus on him has been more detrimental than beneficial to the character.
  10. yeah 10*01 was one of those episodes where obnoxious and rude Sheldon was just too much and not funny imo , you just want to tell him to shut up really. I skip his parts when i rewatch it.
  11. Apparently you can watch Peacock programmes online . I found this " Peacock is free as a bird. You can sign up for a Free subscription and access thousands of hours of content. If you want to unlock all of the content Peacock has to offer, you can upgrade your account to Peacock Premium at $4.99 a month (+tax) or $49.99 per year (+tax)." I think i'll do that just to watch Kaley's movie ETA: I've checked and I can't do it from where i live but it works in the US
  12. And yet it seems to me that on YS they're less willing to let him get away with his BS ( except maybe his mom) than his friends on TBBT. I've only watched seasons1-3 of YS so maybe that changes in the later seasons, i dunno. Also i find him more empathic as a child.
  13. I'm not sure 😕 Maybe it will premiere on Peacock and after a while it'll be available somewhere else?
  14. I'm so torn about that film. As much as I love Kaley, i'm not sure it's a movie I'd like to watch. Sounds corny as hell
  15. Read and reviewed your story I wonder if Penny will have to wear glasses , Leonard loved the glasses on her hehe
  16. I had no idea it was still a popular show
  17. Remember in season 10 when she blamed Leonard for making her live with Sheldon lol and i was like " hang on , that's not what happened at all, you're the one who caved when the big baby gave you his sad sack routine". The whole situation felt so forced anyway. We've seen Leonard eat crunchy spaghetti , ramen noodles at Penny's , he even cooked for her , he had dinner at Raj's place , he wasn't stuggling with the food schedule then and suddenly he can't pick what to have for dinner?? I remember thinking when watching the episode that maybe we'll get some comedy with the three of them living together, well i didn't laugh much. Who laughed at the scene when Penny was in the shower with Sheldon standing there and she had to yell Leonard's name to get the weirdo out of here ?? even more infuriating for me is that it took only one season for the Shamy to live together and to get engaged when they dragged everything for Lenny ugh
  18. yes, lovely pictures, thank you Tensor. I love the " serious Christmas" one. 🤣 That hug between JG&KC ❤️ I wonder how many Mississippis it was
  19. Thanks for sharing Vonmar. Looks like Kaley is keeping herself busy.
  20. There has to be a logical explanation. To me it just feels like they got stuck and then gave up on them but surely there's more than that. Like you said they have their reasons , I just can't think of any good reasons why they would treat two of their original characters that built the show that way though . The mind boggles.
  21. No no no !! There might be times where Penny didn't look that loving or caring towards Leonard but when it's important she's got his back and she's there for him.
  22. I believe that there was no actual plan for a wedding redo but then they got the opportunity to have Judd Hirsh on the show to play Leonard's dad and they came up with the idea of another wedding ceremony ( @Tensorwill know more than I do ). So when the lovely Beverly thanked Lenny for not inviting her at the Vegas wedding, she meant it but they had to "tweak" the character a bit to justify the wedding redo so you have a Beverly who felt insulted for not being invited ( and a Beverly who actually cares about her son's happiness!! ) Well, that's Raj for you. Only a few episodes before he said he was jealous of Lenny and Howardette and their happy relationships.... I don't pay attention to what he says because he's the one who's unable to be in a healthy relationship , he's more background noise than anything as far as i'm concerned. Also i believe the three major relationships were treated as some big joke at one point or another. Look at Howardette for instance. They had their sweet moments but for a very long time their dynamics were awful , he was a man-child and she was a harpish shrew. It was implied that Penny ruined Bernie's life by setting her up with Howard.... The Shamy were a big joke to everybody .... I don't know if Lenny were treated any worse than the other two couples honestly. Maybe we notice more the jokes that were done at Lenny's expense because we care more about those two. I don't know. The one thing that bothers me really is that the writers took the time to deepen the emotional connection between H/B and S/A. They never did with Lenny that's why we were stuck with the same jokes with them.
  23. https://www.instagram.com/p/BjGY4QknFQ3/?hl=fr No clip but you can hear the voicemail Meemaw left him Is that Meemaw 's voice from YS ? Doesn't sound like the Meemaw we saw on TBBT
  24. If I remember correctly, the Shamy gave tasks to their friends ( and Georgie?) and the ones who'd score the more points would get to be matron of honour and best man. In the end Penny had an epiphany and realised she was Amy's best friend so she shoud be matron of honour . No explanation for Leonard other than he was Sheldon's oldest friend I would imagine. I don't think it was explained really. ( Penny says something along those lines to Leonard : " After everything you've done for him, he should have asked you" , so I guess Shedon asked him off-screen) No rant from me 🤣 Think i've ranted enough on that topic Okay now I've just realised i didn't answer your question at all oops I thought best man= groomsman. So nope, no explanation given for no Raj/Howard as groomsmen!
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