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  1. Exactly. And for all we know she might be quite miserable in private. Maybe that's her way of coping with all that stuff.
  2. I for one do not believe for one minute that she married Karl for security or because he's from a wealthy family.
  3. The whole thing feels so sudden. I mean it wasn't that long ago that they were celebrating their third anniversary. Why have you stayed married to me for so long?! I'm sincerely impressed @mrtankcook lol I thought that was funny at the time, now it sounds very bittersweet.
  4. This makes me sad, they looked so happy but then again we don't know what happens behind closed doors. I wish them well, sometimes it is for the best. I'm very annoyed with some newspapers who felt it was necessary to list the men Kaley has been involved with, like does it even matter??
  5. wow she looks amazing ! She always looks gorgeous in red . I guess she could be wearing a garbage bag and still look good ( no im not jealous 😛 )
  6. I suppose it was easier in a way to write for him , when you have a character with so many quirks and neuroses , he could be /do whatever they wanted him to be each week to the point it became overkill. I would have been okay with so much focus on Sheldon if all the other characters had been well treated. It's the lack of balance that really annoyed me after season 8. The most infuriating thing for me regarding Sheldon is that he really regressed in the last two seasons . He had shown some growth then became nothing but an insufferable man-child. His speech during the redo was totally unnecessary . Like , was it a big revelation to anyone that L/P are important and mean a lot to him? (although he has a funny way of showing it ) Nope.
  7. Yay!! So very happy for Kaley and her team! They all worked hard.
  8. Things seem to be going well for her, professionally and personally. She looks happy and that makes me happy. And I love her new dog!!
  9. Molecules , I have to thank you because your posts never fail to crack me up and I always learn something!
  10. They've all said and done mean things to each other, I think we can all agree on that. The way I see it ( and it's a very biased and overly simplistic way to look at things ) is like this : I see 5 people ( I'm not including Raj 'cause I still don't know where I stand with him) who are mostly kind and good but who can be jerks at times and one jerk who can be nice at times. A few good deeds here and there didn't redeem the character in my eyes. Like I've just rewatched 7*22 , Professor Proton's funeral and the lesson for him was to learn and appreciate the people around him. He learnt nothing or so little. Granted he got better with Amy , he learnt a bit about empathy and how to offer half-arsed apologies.
  11. Yep , streetsmart and emotional intelligence, she's definitely much more than a " good natured simpleton" or " a blond monkey"
  12. Hehe Penny being a genius all along would have been quite the twist!! Maybe she was bored as a teenager and prefered drinking ,stealing horses and tipping cows because she was'nt intellectually challenged in high school ? Seems unlikely but hey , who knows ?? I loved the chess scene ( " you playing chess like Bobby Fischer! " ) , led me to believe she was a quick study ( or it was simply beginner's luck and Leonard really sucks at chess lol ). Too bad the writers didn't remember that in the later seasons , they could have used that to find her a new hobby or a job she actually liked but i'm digressing. I hated the episodes where she was dumbed down for cheap laughs. I loathed the slut shaming of Penny ( funny how the writers were able to forget that Howard was a sleazeball, bordeline creep but never let go of Penny's sexual history for instance. )
  13. Hi HeWolf I think in some ways they had to evolve him . All the characters changed ( not for the best for some of them , Hi Raj ! ) , I'm not convinced they always made the right choices regarding Sheldon. To me, he went from child-like to just childish , there are many lines of dialogue and scenes that really made me cringe and feel sorry for Jim. I have just rewatched season 9 and now on season 10, I have a hard time believing that people who found the early Sheldon entertaining would still find him entertaining in the later seasons. I could see the appeal in the first seasons, after that, not so much.
  14. I was mostly ambivalent about him in the first five seasons , I found him incredibly annoying yet entertaining ( most times), I even felt sorry for him a couple of times, thinking it must not be easy being him. Mid season 6 is when he really started to irk me ,up to a point that at the end of the seventh season , I simply couldn't stand him anymore . Granted , he got to become a better partner to Amy ( that's the only growth Ive seen in him but i'm very biased) after that but he kept on treating his friends like crap until the end !! Maybe that's why Leonard is my most liked character , he is flawed for sure but the guy has the patience of a f*cking saint!! I wonder which version of Sheldon is the most liked nowadays .
  15. oh I'm sure Lenny will grow old and gross together 😍😍
  16. Yep , for me too. And they spent seasons developing his character growth ( and he has shown some growth ) but he had his epiphany because yet again someone had to point it out to him that he had messed up and had been a jerk. To me , the real growth would have been him , on his own , realising he had hurt his friends.
  17. Yeah , there were times they really took the snark too far. And I'm with you regarding Sheldon. Unpopular opinion but his Nobel speech didn't do much for me, as nice as it was.
  18. From what I read in the various Facebook groups I joined ( not sure if it's really representative though) , Penny is the most liked character right after Sheldon who seems to be the favourite. I believe his Nobel speech redeemed the character ( not in my eyes but that's besides the point) . The main criticism I see regualarly regardind Penny is " she was nice at the start and ended up being a mean b*tch"
  19. Done! Hope this helps and good luck with your degree !
  20. That's our Penny alright 😆 😂 what's that bottle near the pizza box ? Is that bourbon ? ( remember Penny doesn't share her bourbon ). Gotta love Kaley 😍😍
  21. Tasteless , crass and very disturbing to be honest. I can't believe they even thought this would be funny.
  22. That was hilarious 😂
  23. Yep I agree too! She looked really beautiful ( I'm not being bad and that's the very biased Lenny lover in me speaking but I think Dr&Mrs Hofstadter looked better than the bride and groom ... I loved the moment they walked away and she put her arm around him, so cute 😍) Lenny were clearly in a supportig role this season (i feel like i barely saw Johnny G) but overall , i liked what i saw. Penny had some of the best lines , I really liked her this season.
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