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  1. We've been well and truly shafted !!! Main female character of the show gets pregnant and we don't get to see her reaction when she finds out ?? Like what the h*ll ?? Im actually still upset about it ( I should maybe move on lol )
  2. You know what. All through seven 11 i genuinely thought they were preparing us for a nice pregnancy arc for Lenny in season 12. 😂😂 And what did we get ?? A lot of crap. And i'm sorry if I sound like a broken record but how nice would it have been to see ON SCREEN Penny announcing her pregnancy to Leonard ?? Remember that scene with the gang's pre-trip meeting ? Totally useless , boring, unfunny moment. Replace it with Pennny telling Leonard the good news and you get a nice touching ( and knowing these two, most likely funny ) moment.
  3. Even with the focus on the Nobel quest nonsense , we could have had our beloved Lenny discussing babies at the kitchen island once in a while , i would have been totally okay with that.
  4. They should have explored Penny's insecurities , her fears of not being a good mum , the Pop-Tart would have found the rights words to reassure her ( " hold your hand and do it with you " kind of thing). And i'm sorry but was it too much ask to see on screen the moment Lenny found out they were expecting or Penny teliing Leonard the news ?? I can picture them being two bluberring messes 😆😆 So many wasted opportunities. But hey, they have their smart and beautiful baby and i'm sure they are wonderful parents . Indeed there was enough drama with Shamy, no need for Lenny drama on top of i
  5. oh i'm just as pissed off as you are , trust me!!! Lenny deserved so much more than the crap they were given!! I did like the Vegas wedding but i really wished we had seen their first kiss as husband and wife. It was too much to ask apparently. ðŸ˜Ą
  6. To say season 12 was a disappointment would be quite an understatement. In saying that, it contains my favourite Lenny moment ever, their beautiful hug in 12*15. To me, it was the perfect answer to the bullshit question " how are these two together" etc. What we got to see in that moment was true unconditional love ( despite what the haters or a certain deluded crowd of fans think). Man , i wish i had found this forum sooner, i would have been able to share my passion for Lenny
  7. i've been rewatching season 6 a lot lately ( the best season for the Lenny lover in me ) , i may watch the whole thing one last time before it gets taken off Netflix UK at the end of the month even if there are quite a few episodes i can't bring myself to watch
  8. Thank you for doing this, very interesting ! Funny coincidence, I saw a post on Facebook today in one of the many TBBT groups i follow there and one guy said the character with most screentime was Howard?! That was clearly a load of crap. I wouldn't have minded so much the focus on Sheldon/Shamy in the last three seasons if the rest of the gang also had meaningful plots
  9. Oh i see! That makes sense! I may have slightly overreacted 😄
  10. Yeah I always thought it was weird Leonard never mentionned her , it's not like he had been that many women at this point! Maybe she was just really forgettable . Also, I'm French and i was actually annoyed the first time i heard Sheldon's comment " Well, for one thing she was French" 😑 I'm very easily annoyed , mind you 😆 but i just though it was a stupid thing to say. Or maybe it's an American stereotype of French people that I wasn't aware of ? I understand it was just a silly throwaway line so no big deal really ( and we've heard far worse on the show).
  11. Oh you went for James Wyatt too ?! I will change the names then, my fic won't be finished anytime soon anyway.]. I wanted to write something for what would have been Penny's 35th birthday, a celebration of the amazing Penny Hofstadter . She did have an impact on all of them so I thought it would have been nice to remind her that she means a great deal to a lot of people.
  12. There is a great fanfic in which Penny mentions that she likes the name Isabella , like the character in Measure for Measure. They finally decide on Isabel, lovely name. In another one , they named one of their boys Richard, after Richard Feynman , nice idea. I started a fic in which their first born is a baby boy named James Wyatt Hofstadter ( for James Clerk Maxwell and a bit because of James Tiberius Kirk ðŸĪŠ
  13. Sad news indeed. Splitting up is never easy especially when there are children involved. Johnny's message to Kaley is really sweet 😆 Their friendship is beautiful. Kudos to them. ( and, oh god, Johnny looks so handsome in that pic 😍😍😍 just ignore me , I have a big major crush on him hehe )
  14. Hi all , That's a very interesting idea ! There is something I still don't undestand to this day. It's a minor thing regarding Leonard but it still pisses me off. In the " Scavenger Vortex" , why did Howard suddendly felt the need to take the piss out of Leonard for going to Princeton? It was so random. He had never done it before and never did it again after that . It was really out of the blue and didn't make any sense ?! Princeton for god's sake. Is there some kind of rivalry between MIT and Princeton? Or was it just another opportunity to mock Leonard ? I thought it was totall
  15. Thanks man, you're a star!! Penny went all Nebraska on his arse 😂😂 Good for her.
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