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  1. That's our Penny alright šŸ˜† šŸ˜‚ what's that bottle near the pizza box ? Is that bourbon ? ( remember Penny doesn't share her bourbon ). Gotta love Kaley šŸ˜šŸ˜
  2. Tasteless , crass and very disturbing to be honest. I can't believe they even thought this would be funny.
  3. That was hilarious šŸ˜‚
  4. Yep I agree too! She looked really beautiful ( I'm not being bad and that's the very biased Lenny lover in me speaking but I think Dr&Mrs Hofstadter looked better than the bride and groom ... I loved the moment they walked away and she put her arm around him, so cute šŸ˜) Lenny were clearly in a supportig role this season (i feel like i barely saw Johnny G) but overall , i liked what i saw. Penny had some of the best lines , I really liked her this season.
  5. yeah me too! she's a genuinely good person, she deserves to be happy !
  6. oh man , i had no idea he was from a rich family . At least we know he's not with her for her money ( not that I ever thought he was, the man is clearly very smitten with her but who wouldn't ? )
  7. It was beyond ridiculous , a total waste of time!! I don't remember much from the Shamy wedding apart from Mark Hamill and that Penny was awesome as a maid of honour ( can't remember what she was wearing though!! ). Amy's dress was a disaster anyway, she looked ridiculous in my opinion , like a big pile of used tissues. Speaking of Penny : Really?! Well Iā€™ve got a figure of speech about how sexually promiscuous you can go be with yourself. This is my favourite Penny quote of the season ( along with " I married you , jackass šŸ˜† that's the Penny I love and I was missing her ).
  8. great !! thanks for the heads up ! can't wait to watch it !!
  9. Well it was the wedding of the year * insert one of Penny's almighty eyerolls here* . I still can't believe there's a whole episode dedicated to him picking a date. Too bad we never found out what happened with that PR position Penny was considering. I could totally see our girl thrive in that kind of job. Oh well she's happy , she thinks their life is great and man , doesn't she look gorgeous in that season? The best she's looked since the start of the show IMO
  10. oh boy i'm half way through season 11 , what a nice change for Lenny compared with seasons 8-10. Im exaggerating a bit but it almost feels like they've rediscovered their bond !! There are things that still rub me the wrong way but overall I'm a happy lenny lover so far , they're very much in sync, there's nice banter between them, I missed that. I've watched the Bitcoin episode twice in two days šŸ˜šŸ˜ wonderful!
  11. johnny's reply šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚šŸ˜† " Um" She's so happy and very much in love . So cute. Her husband seems to be a very likeable and decent fella.
  12. Thanks for the video. " I wanted to hire everybody" šŸ˜†šŸ˜† She's adorable. She seems to be very proud of her team. Hope all their hard work pays off
  13. agreed. they both were untapped resource in the later seasons , a real shame
  14. Oh yeah šŸ˜œ What I didn't get to see on screen I got to read in fanfic ( a personal fave is Penny telling Leonard in the heat of the moment lol I can totally see her do that ) .Not that it makes everything better but it is something. And there are some seriously talented people out there , loads of wonderful Lenny stories to enjoy. Yes, very good point and it makes a lot sense because they've always both been very caring people . I'm going to digress a bit but please bear with me lol . I know ive been complaining a lot ( sorry ) about the whole pregnancy arc for Lenny but in the end i was
  15. oh yeah The Laureate Accumulation was full of Lenny goodness " sometimes i forget you're smart because you're so sexy" " yeah I can see that" šŸ˜† pure lenny banter i love so much. But the moment i prefer is when they're in Prof Thorne's office. I had a flashback of Penny in the first episode, a young naive aspiring actress , a decade later, she's in Caltech with her husband talking to a Nobel Laureate , it made me smile at the time and it still makes me smile now that I'm thinking about it . Leonard full of love and pride , Penny at her charming best . Love it. hehehe that slap was phen
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