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  1. Dear all, I hope you all are safe and healthy - wherever you guys are located at. I'm new to this forum and just signed up today. Please excuse me if this has been asked before or if I have chosen the wrong category. A while back my fiancé and I started to rewatch TBBT - for the third time :-D Today we arrived in season 8, episode 12 and I was yet again stunned by Leonard's t-shirt (brown with black tree, colorful leaves partially flying away, partially "dripping" like liquid). So I started looking for it online but wasn't able to find it anywhere. Literally everything else but not this one. Is there anyone out there who has any idea where to find it, by any chance? I'd be incredibly happy to find it as the serenity and inspiration from this picture just touched me so deeply. Thank you very much in advance, any help is highly appreciated. Stay happy and healthy. Best wishes from Germany, Julez
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