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  1. The book is heavy, there are deep psychological moments, tragedies of families. I am interested in how this book is interpreted on television.
  2. sanctionedjohnnygalecki Let it snow. With my best friend, Orbison Galecki.
  3. Yes, even Johnny broke the silence for congratulations.
  4. For me, it will only be like PR for the 2nd season of the movie Kaley. I would not even like to think about such a development. I don't want to be disappointed. I don't really see them worrying about the divorce, in my opinion, they live an ordinary life.
  5. I don't think she's sorry. This decision was not spontaneous, I'm sure. Kaley is rather rethinking.
  6. When an artist retires, it is reported in the press. He has a production company that is still active. Johnny spoke in an interview about a two-year break from work, due to the birth of a child. But then he did not know that with the mother of the child he would not be able to create a family.
  7. Kaley's stories. It's sad.
  8. I wrote above that I noticed that some of Kaley's messages were deleted when I read the article. Shared in this topic. The topic exists to share opinions and discuss what is happening in the artist's life, even if it is personal life. And the fact that Kaley deletes some messages related to her ex-husband is normal.
  9. There is no message where she writes about their five-year anniversary, in the photo she and Karl are kissing in masks, and there is no message where she congratulates Karl on their three-year anniversary from the wedding day. I noticed when I read an article with links to Kaley's Instagram and some pages were inaccessible.
  10. Johnny knows how to behave so that no paparazzi finds him, so his movements are difficult to track.
  11. I just noticed that Kaley deleted some of the posts on Instagram.
  12. Such an item as the return of family heirlooms is indicated in the marriage contract. We are talking about jewelry donated during the marriage.
  13. Quote from the media: "In court documents obtained by Us Weekly on Thursday, September 16, the equestrian, 30, requested “miscellaneous jewelry and other personal effects” to be returned to him. He also asked to be given the “earnings and accumulations” that he made prior to and after the pair’s split".
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