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  1. I didn't mean Johnny, I was saying that each side has its own truth.
  2. I doubt that ex-girlfriends can tell the truth about broken relationships. I am based on psychology, protection is triggered here - when a breakup occurs, any girl will blame her ex to protect herself.
  3. Which of these lady is Johnny's girlfriend?😄
  4. That's what I don't understand. And this lie bothers me.
  5. I doubt it. My switch went off when I watched a video where she was shown excerpts from her roles, and she repeated her dialogues. And when she was shown a scene from the Big Bang, where she confesses her love to Leonard, Kaley unexpectedly said that she was thinking about a flash mob at that time, I was amazed. Not so long ago, she was saying how magical this scene was for her. When she felt that all the cameras and the audience disappeared, and she merged with the role. How is it? I can't understand it.
  6. PR of the second season?
  7. In this photo, I could have confused Tom with Johnny.
  8. I saw this when Karl unsubscribed from Kaley, and Briana subscribed to Tom. Kaley deleted more than 50 posts with Karl and a week later a post appeared with her new boyfriend. And when Kaley did not congratulate Johnny, it all became clear to me that now Kaley plunged headlong into a new love, forgetting about everything. I wish Kaley happiness, and I hope that she will not rush things.
  9. I separate real life from instagram. But fans don't see what's going on in their real life, they judge by how the actors communicate with each other on instagram. Maybe the show doesn't need advertising anymore, so there's no point in keeping fans interested.
  10. I hope so. But as a fan, I wanted to see a friendly greeting on Insta. After that, I have doubts whether they are really friendly.
  11. I was waiting too. Kaley congratulated only Kunal.
  12. Thanks for the video. Kaley has a busy press tour. She looks happy and cheerful, it pleases me. Today I noticed that Karl deleted Johnny from his following in insta.
  13. In fact, Johnny leads such a closed lifestyle, and he may be unrecognizable in the crowd, so no one can say for sure how often they meet and whether they met at all after Johnny's post congratulating Kaley. I see from Johnny's ex's Instagram that his son spent almost the whole of January with him.
  14. The book is heavy, there are deep psychological moments, tragedies of families. I am interested in how this book is interpreted on television.
  15. sanctionedjohnnygalecki Let it snow. With my best friend, Orbison Galecki.
  16. Yes, even Johnny broke the silence for congratulations.
  17. For me, it will only be like PR for the 2nd season of the movie Kaley. I would not even like to think about such a development. I don't want to be disappointed. I don't really see them worrying about the divorce, in my opinion, they live an ordinary life.
  18. I don't think she's sorry. This decision was not spontaneous, I'm sure. Kaley is rather rethinking.
  19. When an artist retires, it is reported in the press. He has a production company that is still active. Johnny spoke in an interview about a two-year break from work, due to the birth of a child. But then he did not know that with the mother of the child he would not be able to create a family.
  20. I wrote above that I noticed that some of Kaley's messages were deleted when I read the article. Shared in this topic. The topic exists to share opinions and discuss what is happening in the artist's life, even if it is personal life. And the fact that Kaley deletes some messages related to her ex-husband is normal.
  21. There is no message where she writes about their five-year anniversary, in the photo she and Karl are kissing in masks, and there is no message where she congratulates Karl on their three-year anniversary from the wedding day. I noticed when I read an article with links to Kaley's Instagram and some pages were inaccessible.
  22. Johnny knows how to behave so that no paparazzi finds him, so his movements are difficult to track.
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