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  1. This is one of my favorite shows as well and I have to say I agree with you! I think his selfishness, carelessness lack of empathy and his sense of entitlement is at least partially his grandmother's fault! That's why when she came to "size up" Amy, I was hoping that Amy would stand her ground! Because his grandmother was there because she was upset that Amy broke Sheldon's heart when she dumped him, however Amy never defended herself in explain why she had broken up with him. Moreover, everything she put up with before they broke up! His grandmother, his mother, and Leonard were all enablers! Every time they knuckled under, they were helping create a monster!!! And by the way his grandmother described her relationship with his grandfather it was very interesting and it explained a lot! She claimed that Amy had to understand that Sheldon needed extra "tending to" as did his grandfather. So Amy should have informed his grandmother that she was at least partially to blame for him being spoiled and that she was not going to tolerate that behavior!
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