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  1. Bad and pointless What is the point of this film? A big beefcake? Because that's literally the only storyline this mess has going for it. Pointless characters, horrible CGI for this modern time, bad acting, I could continue. If I had went to the theater to see this, I would be trying to get my money back. I gave it a 3 only because of the nostalgia I have for Aquaman. It was better to stay at home read a book, sew or do house work than watching it. That's all that is good about this excuse of an action/family film.
  2. I really like watch it with my family eating my favourite stake on grill!
  3. Margot Robbie and Angelina Jolie are the sexiest female actresses that I saw on TV!
  4. I really love the British Sherlock. My partner and I have recently watched it at home during holidays, it was so cool. My partner hadn't seen it before, so I was glad to show him such a great series. We were taking a bath, eating chocolate and drinking champaign. So romantic!
  5. Game of Thrones is amazing! But what a disappointing final...I wanted to break my chair when I saw it.
  6. I really love watching Friends with my boyfriend at home and drinking coffee together.
  7. The plot in the Back to the Future is so structured and well developed...I have not noticed almost any mistakes
  8. It is so great! Thank you for your thoughts!
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