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  1. On 5/12/2018 at 7:14 AM, Kathy2611 said:

    If season 12 really is going to be the last season, what would you like to see from Lenny that we haven’t seen yet (or in Lenny’s case, again).  I’ll edit this to keep adding to the list so we can see one big list....

    More physical affection (hugging, kissing, etc.) like they used to

    Their outings that they’ve done off screen instead of hearing about it.

    Advance in their careers 

    Mutually supporting each other (careers, against Sheldon’s antics, etc.)

    More scenes in the bedroom (not necessarily in a dirty way, writers, but if you want to I don’t think you’d hear any complaints....)

    Leonard putting Beverly in her place.

    Penny taking Leonard’s side over Sheldon’s from now on.

    Nebraska road trip 

    Award / achievements in their careers

    Leonard gaining higher self esteem

    Penny shows interest in Leonard’s work and helps him with a work related dilemma 

    More in-sync Lenny dynamic

    Able to see more of the family including ones not seen yet (Penny’s sister, Leonard’s siblings)

    Enough with the “Penny settled” (NOT true and not funny) or “Nerd got the hot chick” jokes.   Penny marrying the genius arc instead.

    Having fun together.  Just the two of them.  With no one else around.  Especially Sheldon.

    Do something with Penny’s career and stick with it instead of dropping it and not mentioning it again.

    Family planning!  Seriously talking about it, planning it, a pregnancy scare (and disappointment if it’s really negative), anything.  Just something!  

    A pregnancy arc were Penny’s pregnancy is the opposite of Bernie’s

    Leonard getting ahead in his department or promotion of some kind

    Penny succeeding in something.  Work or hobby related

    A visit from Randall with Leonard getting along with him and helping him 

    Leonard arranges a surprise birthday party for Penny

    Lenny find a hobby they both enjoy doing together

    Penny wearing her locket a lot more

    One more shot of the snowflake gift Leonard made for her in the Artic

    More Lenny alone time (watching TV, having dinner together, etc.)

    Embrace their different interests rathe than fight and criticize it

    Leonard jumping Sheldon’s s shit for throwing out one of those stupid slut jokes (How many YEARS has she been faithfully married now?)

    Seeing them do or say something to make the other laugh (but not in a mean way)

    Serious talks about having a family

    A bit more balance in the couples stories (a bit less of Shamy and a bit more of Lenny).....(as a Shamy shipper that hurt a little but I do agree it needs to be more balanced)










    It is so great! Thank you for your thoughts!

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