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  1. i suppose your correct with that but I think even one episode of young Sheldon not about Sheldon himself but maybe it starts with his mom wondering if he will be ok when he's older or have friends or be married and then we get the insight into the others lives even just like the season2 finale episode but instead of 20seconds maybe even just 3 mins each
  2. I think that there should be a 45 minute or so movie about all the people from the big bang because no one is ever going to agree what spin off to make next just like 15 minutes in there lives each as kids except for Sheldon as there is a show already i thnk it will be interesting to see penny staring to fish or tip a cow or have her firstbeer and have an explaination to rajes selective mutism and amy being in the "sin cupboard2 and leonard being tricked be his mother or howard doing magic to cheer up his mom and then if the fans like a certain charcher the most or find them the most interesting then they could make that a spin off tltr make a movie about all of them young then make spin off of favourite character i forgot bernadette being in pagents sorry or like bernadette seeig an ant and starting her interest in microbiology or raj looking to the stars or howard with a rocket trying to dsee how it works and amy with the brain and so on tell me if u agree or not
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