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  1. Advertisement It doesn't pay to read up on things too much because it can spoil your enjoyment. I found the following on Asperger syndrome because I thought this might be the reason for Sheldon's behaviour...well read for yourself and make up your own mind. I found Sheldon really objectionable after this so I had to put it right out of my mind. Those with Asperger syndrome are often unable to pick up on social cues around them. They may fail to laugh or cry when a situation warrants these emotions, struggle to understand jokes, and take things literally. Someone with Asperger's may make comments inappropriate for the situation, or they may continue a conversation past a socially acceptable point, unaware of social "cues" given by those uncomfortable or disinterested in the conversation. This lack of awareness of another person's feelings is not intentional rudeness. Instead, neurologists think certain areas of the brain are structurally different in people with the disorder. One theory maintains that abnormal development of embryonic cells in utero affects the connectivity and final structure of the brain. This may cause alterations in the neural circuits that control behavior and cognition.
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