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  1. Every time I see a re-run of the Rhinitis Revelation episode, I wonder who played the guy with the umbrella on the park or bus bench. He didn't have any lines, so he was never going to be listed in the end credits. Still, it's a memorable scene and definitely the best use of an anti-pluviation device since Gene Kelly. Anyone out there know who he was? If so, it would be good if his name could be added to the IMDB cast list, which includes dozens of uncredited actors.
  2. I don't feel so bad for her. Sure we'd all like to have Kaley Cuoco's millions, but who has the better life - Cuoco or Walsh? I'll bet that Amanda Walsh can go to a bar, go on holiday, or hold onto a relationship, all without paparazzi slithering about in the bushes or fanboys camping on her lawn. Anyway, Amanda Walsh seems to be really philosophical these days about losing the role. She discusses it in a charming and informative interview with Erica Ehm from earlier this year. She now sees the 2006 pilot in terms of giving her a "good Hollywood story." Apparently the pilot's famous director James Burrows later consoled her with the story about how Lisa Kudrow was axed after making a pilot for Frasier. I'm told that Kudrow went on to become famous in some other show... Weird trivia - I believe that Jodi Lyn O'Keefe also tried out for the Katie role. So she went from potential lead female to playing Mikayla the prostitute, a bit part in 'The Vegas Renormalization'. That's showbusiness for you!
  3. Ever cool actor/writer/director Amanda Walsh, who played Katie in the 2006 pilot, hits the big four zero today, October 3rd. Here's wishing Amanda a totally amazing birthday!
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