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  1. Especially if Penny and Sheldon get sick in another country. That would probably count as an emergency to him.
  2. I just posted a story on Archive of Our Own. It's called The Obvious Solution. https://archiveofourown.org/works/36664966
  3. Young Sheldon is now in it's 5th season. But "in universe" (the chronology of the story), how much time has passed? If Sheldon was 9 in the first season when he started high school and 11 when he started college. But the start of his college classes wasn't until season 4, correct?
  4. But wasn't it established in TBBT that Sheldon caught him and another woman in a compromising position. It was when Sheldon was telling Penny why he knocks 3 times.
  5. It's what she liked and Sheldon liked it also.
  6. I actually thought that the first dress that Amy tried on was the best one. You only saw 3.
  7. Was there a clip that didn't make it into the episode of Sheldon talking to Meemaw on the phone (you would only hear her voice). Where she tells him she's not well enough to make the trip.
  8. TLW

    Penny's Acting Career

    There's one Lenny story that I've read that is not marked as complete but if you read it, you will see that everything is wrapped up in the final chapter. It's called The Rogue Wave Precipitator. Is that the same as 123justafan?
  9. I have a question. On a thread I was reading last night, someone had a GIF that showed up on all their posts (since it showed up on all I guess it was part of their signature, but I don't recall the user name). The scene that was shown in the GIF was Penny sticking her head out from behind the periodic table shower curtain and yelling "LEONARD!". What episode is that scene from? Edited to add: I recall the user name now. It was VeeJay.
  10. A scene I thought put the character in a very bad light (along with others already mentioned) is her saying she and her friends tied up that girl and left her in a corn field all night.
  11. I'm going to post a link for a Young Sheldon short story (just over a 1000 words) that I wrote and posted on Archive of Our Own. It's called The Bull Droppings Rejection. Mary Cooper wants help dealing with her five year old genius son Sheldon. She checks out a book from the library about dealing with gifted children. She thinks the ideas are what the bull dropped on the barn floor. https://archiveofourown.org/works/35839939
  12. TLW

    Cute Fact

    I admit I thought of Farrah Fawcet when I first started watched TBBT and heard Amy's full name.
  13. I'm not sure if this has been asked before or what season it's in. When Sheldon finds the letter from Howard's father when he is organizing Howard and Bernadette's closet. The plan was that the gang came up with the idea that each of them would tell Howard something that the letter could have said. Which version do you think it was? I think it was either what Bernadette or Leonard told him. Maybe Amy. Or possibly everyone (except Sheldon's Goonies scenario) told a piece of what was in the envelope.
  14. @TensorWas World War Z ever mentioned? I know that The Walking Dead was.
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