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  1. TLW

    Baby names

    Maybe Shamy might name a child Stephan for Dr. Hawking.
  2. TLW

    Baby names

    If the show had continued past the end of season 12. What do you think Baby Hofstadter's name would be? For me, I think the boy should be Elliot. I don't know what I would pick for a girl's name. We know that Sheldon and Amy had one son named Leonard. What are some names you see their other children being named? I think with Amy liking Little House On The Prairie, she might like to name a girl Laura.
  3. If the pregnancy wasn't incorporated into the storyline, then I guess they could have had her stand behind counters. Carry something in front of her midsection. Maybe visit her family in Nebraska and you only see her over Skype.
  4. I can see him telling Amy that's where he wants to go for their second honeymoon. 😊
  5. It's a place in Niagra Falls Canada called Locomoland. Below is a copy/paste of the description from the official website. Don't miss this - the only high-tech, remote-controlled miniature railway system in the world! At Locomoland, you will be able to conduct and operate model trains. We offer various types of model trains, including but not limited to, high-speed bullets capable of achieving stunning scale speeds of 260mph. What's more, we provide over 2,000 square feet of self-built magnificent miniature landscapes of countryside, cities, mountains, rivers, fairylands, Star Wars aircraft and aircraft carriers for your trains to travel through. While enjoying the view of the trains running through the miniature worlds, you will also be able to experience the engine driver and passenger perspectives of the miniature world through micro-cameras built in the trains. While operating the model trains you will be able to experience and learn various technologies such as Railway automation control system and the digital car system. You can also experience driving Carrera Slot Cars.
  6. When Sheldon said he made "frontier scallops", wasn't that what some people call "Rocky Mtn. oysters" which are actually bull testicles?
  7. It looks like she's stopped using hair dye and sporting her natural color. Although in the Priceline commercials she made when she was still pregnant her hair looked reddish.
  8. I found this picture of her and her baby on Reddit. It was from a link on another site that someone posted on Reddit. I hope it's okay to post it here.
  9. TLW

    Why is it over?

    And there is a lot of negativity from some viewers that watched the show and liked that Penny wanted to remain child-free. They didn't like that the character ended up pregnant.
  10. Was it ever made clear how Penny figured out the clue in the geology lab? I loved the Howard and Amy interaction in this episode.
  11. The Aquaman figurine that Stuart sells to Sheldon in this episode looks like the same one that he indicates has a security camara in it season 9's episode The Spock Resonance. But didn't he say that the figurine and the camera had been there a lot longer?
  12. Cute baby. Kaley did some Priceline commercials while pregnant, didn't she?
  13. Did Penny ever say before episode 12:03 that she didn't want kids? Someone on Reddit claimed that she said it around the time that Bernadette announced her pregnancy, saying something like she didn't want kids but she was going to be the cool aunt who taught them how to cuss. I don't recall that at all.
  14. It seemed like they never really gave one. I think it all goes back to her commitment issues. She feels back into a corner and makes a knee jerk reaction. This seems to back up the idea that it's a commitment issue.
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