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  1. Did any of the other actors win Emmys or Golden Globe awards for the show? What about the show itself?
  2. Something about the way she talked reminded me of Lucy. I'm sorry I can't describe it better than that.
  3. She was certainly careless with money. I think she never has any money because she blows it on wine, clothes and shoes. I don't recall the episode name, but she bought a pair of high heeled shoes that she said cost as much as her rent. In the episode where she accidentally shoots Sheldon's spot with a paintball gun, she's in the apartment so Leonard could unfreeze her laptop computer where she had 1,500 dollars in shoes in her virtual shopping cart. She is by her own admission a terrible waitress, so that would affect her tips.
  4. TLW

    Intoxicated Sheldon

    Some more I found by searching Youtube. He and the other guys and Penny are drinking blue colored vodka labled as "Romulan Ale" and go to Richard Feynman's grave. Sheldon and Amy have a brunch and invite Burt, Steward and a neighbor who can't speak English. I think they have mimosas to drink.
  5. TLW

    Intoxicated Sheldon

    That's why I said it was a NON virgin Cuba libre.☺️
  6. TLW

    Intoxicated Sheldon

    I was watching a video on Youtube of different ones and I think the person making the video missed some of them. Didn't Penny give him a non virgin cuba libre in the episode when it was discovered that Raj could talk while drunk? And he ends up singing from Fiddler on the Roof. Two more that I can think of. Bernadette's dad shared beers with him. And also he drinks wine and wakes up in bed with a geology book. And finds out later he prank called Hawking during the night.
  7. How many times over the course of the series was Sheldon either drunk or under the influence of something?
  8. He also frequently insulted her level of intelligence. I know he did that to all of them, but Penny actually said to him, "You just see me as a blonde monkey, don't you"?
  9. It's like Leonard set himself up to stay with someone who treated him like his mother did.
  10. The TV series didn't have Laura getting married in a white dress. It was just her best dress. Either a light blue or light lilac color. I'm guessing that the Young Sheldon series had not started yet or at least the the episode (season 2 finale) that showed a young Amy sitting up in bed reading LHOTP by flashlight.
  11. I think the sweater incident was absolutely one instance that showed he knew exactly what he was doing. He was lucky that Leonard didn't strangle him with the sweater.
  12. Well, he actually ruined the first one for everyone else trying to watch it by his insulting remarks to Amy about her eggs having a sell-by date.
  13. Yes she is mentioned in 123JustAFriend's The Meant To Be Determination and also in a couple of stories by WeBuiltThePyramids. Perhaps Leslie Winkle was meant to be a replacement for her in the actual show. But her personality reminded me more of Amy and/or Lucy.
  14. She was a female scientist that worked with this pilot's version of Leonard and Sheldon. She had mannerisms that reminded me of both Amy and Lucy. .
  15. I also didn't like Katie. Did you feel like the other female character Gilda seemed like a mix of traits that Amy and Raj's girlfriend Lucy had?
  16. Don't you mean Leonard and Penny instead of Sheldon and Penny?
  17. TLW

    New story

    That's what I was thinking of. He might have to tease her a little bit.
  18. Penny has herself to blame about the living arrangements. Leonard was ready to move across the hall. She's the one who decided that they would take it slow for Sheldon's sake.
  19. I've posted a new story on Archive of Our Own called The Childhood Reconnection. It's about Penny reconnecting with her childhood friend Rosie. The one that she stopped being friends with in first grade because they both couldn't marry Sesame Street's Ernie. https://archiveofourown.org/works/41060244
  20. And yet a few episodes before this at Sheldon's birthday party, it was brought up that she wasn't at their wedding in Vegas and she was fine with it. Sometimes, it seems like all Lenny's relationship is treated like a joke. An example I can think of is when Penny is considering going to work for Zack. Leonard is talking about it with Raj and Sheldon. Raj says, "Oh she's going to leave you. Might as well get it over with". Lines like that, I don't find funny at all.
  21. Yes. That sounds like Annie Potts from Young Sheldon.
  22. I'm guessing you mean adult Sheldon mentioning something in the narration segments of Young Sheldon.
  23. Do we ever see the interior of Penny's "new car"? Or a scene of her driving after she is supposed to have been given it?
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