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  1. Hello I would like to make a statement on my opinion, also I don’t want to try to change your opinion Like Beverly says Sheldon has a very complex mind, Leonard even knows this if I may quote Leonard: ”Here’s the thing about Sheldon, He doesn’t do it on purpose” He needs him and in some ways Sheldon needs Leonard Even if you do hate him Emily points out that as much of a jerk he is you feel bad for him Every character has major flaws, all of them are jerks, Howard in my opinion is worse than Sheldon, He makes fun of Sheldon every chance he gets, You may know that Sheldon makes fun of his MIT education but you should give Sheldon the benefit of the doubt Howard is a complete jerk to him I don’t hate Howard I just don’t like how he treats Sheldon He tells Penny that its hard for him, he doesn’t know if their in a bad mood or if he said something offensive, if they’re laughing at a joke or if they’re laughing at him He’s still human he doesn’t want to annoy people If he was real he would probably avoid people so he doesn’t offend anyone In a way the show kinda revolves around Sheldon and his development He never asked to be like this, also Amy loves Sheldon the way he is, She helps him with his shortcomings and he helps her with hers Sheldon is a the definition of its not always black and white, its a grey area and they know he’s trying his best The thing is friendships are complicated, It’s not about being a nice guy, it’s about a bond not about treatment some people have a problem where they can’t tell what people are feeling, He’s clueless with social cues and it’s not his fault again he really is trying his best, you can’t blame him, to quote Bernadette “The part of his brain that knows its wrong is getting a wedgie from the rest of his brain” His mind is a double edged sword, It can hurt people but it can also help So that concludes the largest thing I’ve ever written remember this is just my opinion the character is meant for you to empathise Anyways thats all i have to say, well all i can say bye
  2. Ok, I don’t wanna start any arguments or belittle your opinion but he literally says why he didn’t want to get back together, it wasn’t because he was being an emotionless person it was because the break up was hard on him and he didn’t want to get together so quickly, he thought that he still needed time after his heartbreak, he wasn’t ready he thought that he still needed time he wasn’t trying to hurt her and like Penny said he loves her and would never hurt her on purpose, he was even sad from the break up because he thought he wouldn’t get back together, I will qoute him here: “Amy I excel at many things but getting over you wasn’t one of them, I think I should just remain your friend” Because If he knew that it would hurt her who knows what he would do, yes he might do the same thing but he would at least try to soften the blow I think thats all I have to say
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