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  1. So am I)) It's Sheldon/Amy and Leonard/Penny for me, always, in this universe or the alternative one)) Sheldon and Penny for me have a brother-sister relationship
  2. This is a couple of scenes from the end of my fantasy crossover fanfic, Island of Apophis. Double wedding, Sheldon/Amy, Leonard/Penny. The double joy Sheldon and Leonard proceeded down the aisle, Sheldon tall and slender in his tight fitting black doublet and trousers with vertical golden stripes, and Leonard stout in his dark Green long wide cloak, crimson waistcoat, yellow shirt and wide blue trousers. They we're accompanied by Howard in his greens and Raj in his usual ensemble. They came to the altar and stopped, waiting for their brides. And there they were, floating down the aisle, Amy with wavy dark hair and Pearl necklace around her neck, in her long tight fitting white silk dress embroidered with golden leaves, with deep oval neckline and flaring short sleeves and long wide hem embroidered with golden circles, and Penny with her golden wavy hair, in a white dress with tight fitting bodice and long wide skirt, with rows of golden flowers embroidered on it, with oval neck and flared sleeves. Inukhet, his black fur now smooth, was leading Penny. They were accompanied by Bernie and Lucy. Sheldon's breath caught in his chest as his lovely bride floated to him. And Leonard gasped seeing his radiant Penny. 'You look like a beautiful flower, my dear,' Sheldon drawled tenderly. Amy smiled gentky to him. 'Penny, Oh, you look great, my dear,' Leonard blurted out. Penny grinned to him. The high priest of Ra looked at the two young couples and their friends smiling gently. Inukhet led Penny to Leonard and released her hand, waving his tail merrily. Amy stood opposite Sheldon and Penny opposite Leonard. Sheldon gazed at Amelia tenderly and Leonard looked at Penny smiling shyly. The high priest nodded. 'All right,' he declared. 'Sheldon, will you take Amelia as your lawful wedded wife till death do you part?' 'I will,' Sheldon replied firmly, smiling gently to Amy. 'Amelia, will you take Sheldon as your lawful wedded husband?' 'I will,' Amelia smiled gently, gazing at her Sheldon. 'Leonard, will you take Penelope as your lawful wedded wife?' the priest asked turning to Leonard. 'I will,' Leonard smiled shyly. 'Penelope, will you take Leonard as your lawful wedded husband?' 'I will,' Penny grinned to Leo. 'Rings,' the priest requested. Howard took the rings out of his pocket and handed them to Sheldon and Leonard. Sheldon took the golden ring with pointed oval bezel with a light Green stone surrounded by Green and white triangles and two pairs of small diamonds in pile. 'With this ring I marry you, in the name of Gods Almighty,' he declared and put the ring gently on Amy's slender ring finger. Amy smiled tenderly to him, he responded in kind. Leonard took the golden ring with large oval moonstone surrounded by polychrome leaves, and uttered, 'With this ring I marry you, in the name of Gods Almighty.' He put the ring on Penny's long slender ring finger and smiled shyly to her. She grinned to him. 'Now I pronounce you and you husband and wife,' the priest declared smiling gently. 'What Gods joined let No man part!' Sheldon beamed to Amy and Leonard smiled shyly to Penny. 'You may kiss your brides,' the priest declared. Sheldon, blushing deeply, leaned to Amy and kissed her tenderly. She answered him passionately. Leonard kissed Penny gently, she answered him tenderly. 'Well, now we are truly brothers, Leonard,' Sheldon smiled softly. 'You mean very much to me, and Penny too.' Leonard smiled gently to his brother in law, 'And you mean a lot to me, Sheldon.' Amy and Penny looked tenderly at their newlywed husbands. 'And you are a sister to me now, Penny,' Amy observed. 'Yeah,' Penny grinned. 'Well, now to the Date Palm Inn for the wedding feast, Yes?' Howard grinned. 'Indeed, Howard,' Sheldon smiled softly. And they left the Temple, Sheldon and Leonard arm in arm with their newlywed wives, and their friends following them. Later in Sheldon's room at the Date Palm Inn, Sheldon sat down on the edge of the bed shyly, unbuttoned his doublet gently, and looked at Amy who was sitting in the bed in her white pelisse. 'Shall I, my dear?' he asked blushing gently. 'Oh Yes,' Amy breathed. 'Good, I needed your consent to this,' Sheldon nodded gravely. Amy reached to him and kissed him soundly, leaving him breathless and flushed. Sheldon untied his trousers, left in a white shirt and wide white braies. He leaned to his wife and kissed her tenderly. She answered him passionately and started unlacing his shirt. Sheldon embraced her hotly. 'Whoo!' Amy breathed out, flushed. Meanwhile in the next room Leonard removed Penny's dress nimbly, and she unbuttoned his waistcoat and removed it, and kissed him hotly. He untied his trousers and threw them away, left in his yellow flowery shirt and wide white braies. Penny straddled his hips and started untying his shirt. He flushed, smiling shyly. Penny grinned and kissed him soundly. He answered her tenderly.
  3. The final? installment of my fantasy RPG crossover series. Sheldon and his friends come to the town of Hawada in the Delta of the great river Khet and learn that a cult of the terrible Serpent Apophis is nestled in the Delta. And Sheldon decides to marry Amy in Hawada. Double wedding in the end! https://www.mediaminer.org/fanfic/view_ch.php/174092/626391/
  4. Thanks))) Well, now Penny has a Spear))I'm writing another sequel now))
  5. Story finished, please read and review! https://www.mediaminer.org/fanfic/c/role-playing-fan-fiction/the-mines-of-maveleth/174067/626352
  6. Oky, I finished my new story, The Mines of Maveleth, and put it on Mediaminer all in one chapter. Please read and review! https://www.mediaminer.org/fanfic/c/role-playing-fan-fiction/the-mines-of-maveleth/174067/626352
  7. When the Legate of Maveleth asks Dr Sheldon Cooper and his band of adventurers to investigate a lost silver mine, and they agree, they don't know just what they would find in the mine.. This is a RPG crossover in which Sheldon, Leonard and Raj are wizards, Amy is a Healer, Penny is a half feline thief, Howard is a Hunter, Bernadette is a Warrior and Lucy is a shape shifter. https://www.mediaminer.org/fanfic/c/role-playing-fan-fiction/the-mines-of-maveleth/174067/626298
  8. Well, you know, we all have our faults, there isn't a single person in this world who doesn't. I, for example, am hot tempered, absent minded and have OCD. I'm sure you have your faults too. And if our friends abandoned us just because of our faults, nobody would have friends and it would have been a very sad world indeed. Howard and all the rest say and do mean things to each other too, would they be better off without each other? Of course not. 'Let him who is without blame throw the first stone', do you remember this phrase ? And other thing, we often don't fully realize that our words hurt other people, I've been in such situation, everyone was. Consider this please. Peace to everyone.
  9. Well, does anyone have anything to say about the last chapter of my story?
  10. Why objectionable? This explains a lot, and makes Sheldon even more likeable, because it confirms that he really doesn't mean to be rude, he's just not quite like most of us but he's a really good person. I've read about Asperger's too and agree he has a lot of its traits.
  11. Here is the link to the sequel https://www.mediaminer.org/fanfic/c/other-fan-fiction/the-mystery-of-samera-woods/174033/626159
  12. Well, this 'limited spellbook' is in M&M rules, sorry. And Penny is a thief, their starting weapon is a Dagger. Later Penny will have a sword. As for calling the number of power points in the heat of a battle, well, artistic license, it sounds more impressive this way)) And yes, of course I have more in the works, writing another sequel now. Thanks for the feedback and the reviews))
  13. He-Wolf, in the games I play, such as Capharnaum and Mazes and Minotaurs, spells take a specific amount of power points, so I'm going by their rules. This 'verse I'm describing is basically M&M with my own twists. I'm glad that you find my stories enjoyable, do you have more questions or comments? And yes, I found that in M&M 'verse there is a much better way than a broken heart to deal with selective mutism))
  14. So true Tensor! This is my experience as well. Tell me, do you like my little stories?
  15. Well, thanks. I had lots of views today, I hope someone who likes my story will comment on it
  16. Hi, I'm Maria, a big fan of TBBT, a Nerd like those guys. My favourite characters are Sheldon and Raj. I've written two fantasy crossover stories about Sheldon, Leonard, Penny, Howard And Raj. Actually it's a crossover with the universe of board RPGs. Sheldon, Leonard And Raj are wizards in that 'verse, and Penny and Howard are warriors. Read, enjoy, comment! Here are the links: https://www.mediaminer.org/fanfic/view_st.php/174026/ https://www.mediaminer.org/fanfic/view_st.php?id=174027&submit=View
  17. Because he's a solitary person by nature, he doesn't like mixing in a crowd. MENSA is still a crowd, though a crowd of highly intelligent people
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