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  1. Quote from the book (I hope I'm not breaking the rules of the forum if I post this) As I understand it, Johnny was in love with a Belarusian girl in 2006, when the pilot was filmed. And Kelsey was in 2007. Kelsey always followed Johnny. And they are definitely still friends. Kelsey visited Johnny in Nashville last August when her boyfriend had a concert at TN.
  2. Who are these two then? This podcast was in 2016? by which time Johnny and Kelly were no longer following each other in IG, because Kelly was already dating a musician. From Jessica's book, I learned that Johnny was in love with a Belarusian girl before Kaley. I looked at his subscribers and found her. She's still signed up for Johnny. I found an interesting comment from Johnny on one of his publications, it was a few weeks ago, 'I saw you yesterday in Krogers and was too shy to say hey!!!!!! Yall had a pawl patrol balloon!'
  3. It can be understood in different ways. These are the friends who are his subscribers or friends - literally. Friends who follow him to IG, as I notice when they start dating another man, tend to unsubscribe from him. But later they start following him to the IG again, except for Kelly. I know two people who unsubscribed from Johnny, but after a while they followed him again. Naomi follows Johnny again and comments on his posts. Arielle also followed Johnny again and also comments on his posts.
  4. Johnny sold the house on November 9 for $11,100,000.
  5. Yes, it is quite possible. Johnny in Anna Faris' podcast said that all his ex-girlfriends are his friends. My dream is for Johnny to post a picture of his girlfriend with Avery.
  6. Johnny was with Avery at the concert, there is a video and a photo, but very poor quality.
  7. I meant that Kaley would not have kept silent, but would have made a publication in stories if she and Johnny had managed to cross paths in LA.πŸ™‚ There's no point hiding it. I read today about the changes in the WB film company, many new projects have been canceled or postponed. Maybe the sale of Johnny's house and the reorganization of WB are somehow connected?
  8. His office is still in LA. It calms me down a little.πŸ˜…
  9. The fact that Johnny is silent is not surprising to me. But the fact that Kaley will be silent, I would be surprised. It looks like Johnny's house in LA will be sold soon, it's currently in the Pending stage.
  10. Avery can always be photographed from the back so that his face is not visible. But I'm not even sure that Johnny and Kaley saw each other after August 2019. When she met Kunal at the match, this photo was immediately published in her stories. Johnny and his son were seen in LA in February 2022. Hypothetically, they could have seen each other, but no one wrote about it.
  11. I don't think Johnny and Tom have met. Kaley about this event would have posted a photo in stories long ago. From the old, 2018. https://twitter.com/leighsteinberg/status/1585689662533689345/photo/4
  12. I think a lot has changed in Johnny's life with the arrival of his son. On the 1st place he now has Avery's well-being. It seems to me that after the announcement of Kaley's divorce, and if Johnny and Kaley wanted to, they could warm up their romance. The press would be happy. But they didn't. From the book:
  13. I think there will be no more memories, the book has put an end to this story. I still hope that Johnny will get married and have the family he dreamed of. He is a loving and romantic person. And he definitely needs more kids.πŸ˜… I look at Alaina's stories when she posts something about Avery and I see that he has the makings of talent. At the age of 3, he holds a paint brush very confidently. And he draws with his left hand. Let Johnny have more talented, smart and beautiful children.πŸ˜…πŸ˜…
  14. I don't think Johnny is entirely to blame for the breakup with Kaley. And I don't want him to take this burden on himself. Johnny is smart, he most likely saw that Kaley was becoming uncomfortable in this framework of privacy. If you remember Kaley's interview in 2010, where she told how she made Johnny jealous by flirting with an extra on the set. Now the truth with tuna has been revealed. I think that Johnny put the interests of the entire TBBT team higher than his own, so as not to bring the relationship with kalya to the extreme, when it would be impossible to return to friendly relations. I mean, their relationship could have worked out the best way, or it could have ended in a big quarrel when they couldn't be together on the set. Johnny didn't take any chances in this case. But I know other star couples who hid their romance for years for the sake of the show, and even in these private relationships, children were born who were also hidden, and for these couples, privacy did not become a break point. And the trepidation with which Kaley and Johnny return to the time of their romance again and again, this suggests that they did not fully explore their relationship at the time, but ended their romance in the middle. This is the only way I can explain why they come back to memories again and again. Most likely, they would have easily overcome these differences in another situation. But at that time, professional relationships were in the first place for them. This is almost a ready-made plot for the series.πŸ˜…
  15. Johnny had never been engaged, not even to Alaina. Although, if I'm not mistaken, he started talking about starting a family in an interview at the age of 35. I think he hasn't met his soul mate yet. But who knows what's going on in his personal life right now, maybe he's happy with his girlfriend right now. I also noticed in the book his phrase that he values his relationship with Kaley more than any of his previous relationships or relationships after. But then there was Johnny's phrase that he doesn't regret anything. 'Though my intentions were always caring and protective, I certainly see in hindsight the damage that my stubborn stance might have caused. But that said, I can’t say I regret anything. I was working with the tools I had at the time.' I see that Johnny has not changed, he also remains private in his personal life, and Kaley, even if she deleted all past posts from insta, still remains too public. The problem of publicity remains.
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