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  1. He was in LA not so long ago. He was seen with his son.
  2. In the days when Johnny was in France, a film festival was held in Cannes. Maybe Johnny was there as a guest. I really hope he wasn't alone in Paris.
  3. I'm sure there is a woman somewhere behind the scenes for sure. Who are all these shopping bags meant for? Johnny is wearing the same jacket as 6 years ago.
  4. In the photo, the admirer. Judging by the photo, is a teenager, so I blurred it. The most important thing in the photo is Johnny.
  5. Today I read an interview with the rock band Badflower and Josh was asked a question about Johnny:
  6. Wow! I thought it was Johnny sitting at the table. An incredible resemblance.🤔 But I think Johnny also looks happy with the blonde sitting behind him in the backseat of his car.🤭
  7. Happy birthday, Johnny! Be always loved and happy! And my most favorite photo of Johnny, in which he looks happy.
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