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  1. I can relate viewers who felt the show became centre on Sheldon/Amy show. I also am not finding their digs at eachother funny but miserably rude. The cast are talented but it is boring, and the guys are way too shallow it seems immature.
  2. I cannot find the similarities with Lucy. Which traits did you find similar? But Amy and Leslie very much so. I think that Gilda would have been a pointless audition after the shows female charcater. But nevethless she was a good character.
  3. This helped me see another perspective, I almost got caught in the early S1-S3 but he is extremley condescending. Which I think was overplayed. His remarks and digs to Penny was SO UNCALLED FOR. I get put off as viewer. He also put down his sister alot, he thinks his acamedic achievements make him better.
  4. Why did Penny do that? I remember in S7 she would give into his immature requests. I get Leonard because of low self esteem and his issues. I think he may feel the need to lean on Sheldon. Penny on the other hand complaint but put up with it when she didn't have to.
  5. Leonard wasn't any better himself, I am watching S6/S7 and his digs at Sheldon doesn't put him in a good light. He seems to have low self esteem and puts up with Sheldon ruling over him. Leonard isn't perfect but is sarcastic and condescending to Others, Raj too.
  6. How is he the most shallow one, they all are which is disappointing considered they are not conventionally perfect themselves. Yes he has been honest about this. But the charavters enabling him doesn't help. Yes Sheldon become Selfish and self absorbed charavter after s3.
  7. This agree with I like the character so much more than Katie. I appreciated how Penny, comforted when he got dumped. Penny tried to avoid upsetting Amy which show she cared about Amy's feelings.
  8. I do agree that thr group are genuinely not kind friends but more so aquintences, I am currently rewatching s1-s3 starting understand why audience believe that was a good era of tbbt. But overall their digs at eachother is pure nastiness especially considering none of them above the other in awkardness even Penny. Howard, Sheldon, Lenard sound shallow.
  9. In the pilot Sheldon goes along with Lenard despite getting their trousers taken and disrespected. Season 2 Episode 18 The Finacial Permeability; he helps Penny difficulties financially. In Penny blosoms he helps her with her business venture despite being antonigistic. In season 3 episode 4; He helps Raj in Employment. Sheldon even attempts to make amends that he was wrong and Raj was right.
  10. Happy Birthday

  11. This scene was excellently performed, the script was priceless. I also think many audience members resignated with the speech or monolugue. The emotions were well express. The directors and writer did great.
  12. For some reason I think the actor who plays Howard may have Portuguese Ancestry.
  13. I haven't finished the entire series but I don't see progression or character development that has been character for Howard. There didn't seem much effort for Raj, his character had alot of potential.
  14. Sheldon has excellent friends, Sheldon and Penny are very patient with as are the rest of the group. For example, he constantly relies on his friend to take him to appointments and transport. But will critize them. I also think he has innocence to him but his character is very self involved.
  15. After watching the original, it seemed very dark, the acting was excellent but glad the material was worked on. The actor Sheldon and Lenord have great chemistry. But Katie would not have been a good occuring character. Maybe a guest star. It seemed like she was an expriment. The character Penny was definitley a great addition. Also the writers are talented and good writers but surely they should of known a female antonganist would probably not being well recieved.
  16. I think Sheldon genuinely excludes others because he doesn't know to be social, he seems socially ignorant. Raj is too shy and often seem culturally ignorant.
  17. I don't see why Amanda Walsh seem to be sad over something she had no control over. How many A listers have been rejected and lost to potential huge roles. Plus fame and money, success for the actress Kaley shouldn't have Amanda feel bad. Sucess is not guranteed to everyone in every chosen role
  18. Exactly when they are definitley not friends. It seems like they hang with each because of limited choice. Sort of like when people are grouped together because of lack of options. Kind of like the school nerds had no choice because no one else wanted to be their friends.
  19. I think this was a good reflection of how people can be in reality, eapecially the underdogs and different charcaters. Even though it is fictional comedy. However I am trying to understand the put downs they do to eachother and how they mock those who are acamedic or share their intellect.
  20. Is this a good example of you will reap what you sow? Have the tables turned on Penny? Her background: she was high school pretty girl back in highschool (who probably used her looks to her advantage), who didn't abide by rules, probably a lazy student and revealed in an episode to Bernedette and Amy that she may have been a bully. I say that because she appears to be the butt of jokes due to her lack of knowledge, her careless, she regularly seem to need financial support from "nerds", she was a struggling actor and had low position. Didn't seem ambitious like the others. While the "nerds" who were picked on had the last laugh. Interested in your views, I am not bashing Penny I enjoy her character and development, I appreciate all the dynamics of their lives, aspects.
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