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  1. This is a simple game, I'll give you a random word and then the next poster has to say thing which is related. ----------------- The word is: River.
  2. Tripper

    Word Ties

    Okay. You might recognise this from Wheel of Forture puzzles. But it's a little different in this case. I say a two-word phrase, and you then make a new phrase with the last word. Example: --------------------- Way Out
  3. Its pretty self explanatory but here are the instructions: Player 1: Have you ever spilt a drink all over an important document? Player 2: Yes, my tax return :O Have you ever eaten somebody else's food when they left the room? ----------- Have you ever spilt a drink all over an important document?
  4. Tripper

    This or That?

    This game is very simple, Player 1 asks the person below (next replier) a this or that question (example: Dogs or Cats?) and Player 2 responds with their answer (which they like the best, or would choose) and adds their question for the next player. ----------- Dogs or Cats?
  5. The game starts with just 3 words, each player must add exactly 3 words to the story. You can add punctuation, it does not count as a word. ----------- They were alone
  6. Tripper

    Word Evolution

    Directions: The game starts with a word, each player must then add/change/remove a letter from the word to make a new word. Example: Truck becomes Track becomes Tack becomes Rack and so on. ----------- The word is Flight.
  7. This is a simple game, Player #1 asks for 3 types of something and Player 2 has to give 3 types of that thing and ask for 3 types of something else. Example: --------------- I'll star with 3 countries.
  8. This is a very simple game. We just keep replying until we hit 46,000 posts. The only rule is you can't double post (if you posted last, wait until somebody else posts before replying). Post #1
  9. Where are you from?
  10. Here are some signature pictures with Kaley Cuoco in, these are all taken from 8 Simple Rules and may include other cast members.
  11. United States: September 24th, 8:30ET, CBS. United Kingdom: Spring 2008, Channel 4. Canada: Date TBC, CTV.
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