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  1. Great ratings, sadly rendered meaningless by this stupid strike. I guess we'll just have to hope for a miracle if they bring the show back after the strike, that most people will still tune in.
  2. I think there are 8 full episodes completed, which means that next week's is the last...I think.
  3. Picked up for the rest of the season, no worries!! :D
  4. Tom

    New YouTube Clips

    Thanks! As you know I've not been able to see the episodes yet. :D
  5. Awesome I'll try and record the ones I don't have.
  6. Little late but I just watched it too. Craig could so hit that. She did look great, great interview too.
  7. Great! Thanks for the link.
  8. Yeah I like him, funny guy, I can imagine Kaley will be giggling like a schoolgirl again.
  9. About 1 year after I first discovered 8SR on ABC1...it's shutting down. I'm feeling sentimental...
  10. You messed up the link a bit there didn't you?
  11. Great pictures, episode sounds awesome too. Looking forward to that.
  12. Yep, will be pretty late, I'll try and catch it though.
  13. Haha, looks awesome, thanks.
  14. Tom

    When will it air?

    Thanks! I can not wait for it to air! Me neither, thanks for the info.
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