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  1. Welcome to the forums Joanna!
  2. Welcome to the forums Nick!
  3. CareBear


    I was watching an old Roseanne earlier. Season 4 I think. It was amazing how quickly David just suddenly appeared. He was in one episode and in the next one he was practically living in their house (that didn't happen until a season later), Dan & Roseanne did joke about it but it was so odd ...
  4. Safari ... its great to be able to use it on the Mac and now on Windows.
  5. Thats good. Any promotion for the show is great. Its a shame I will not be able to see them, neither show airs here
  6. I think David was more artistic than smart.
  7. CareBear


    I totally agree. I cringe when laughs happen for no reason, its almost as if the audience was high or being paid. I look at the screen and wonder what the heck are they laughing at?
  8. Too many of my favourite shows have been canned, its awful, I dare take a liking to them any more as I know they'll be cancelled right after - maybe I am a hex.
  9. The ratings went up. Great Good news for the show.
  10. I really hope she will be back soon, she is awesome. Any body think it was odd that she was from the south but she started dating the professor? Surely that means she must live pretty close by then ...
  11. That clip was awesome. This episode looks fantastic.
  12. It doesn't air in the UK but I've seen clips on YouTube and I now buy the Aussie DVDs and download it (legally from the AussieBC's website). Its a really funny satirical variety show: A few YouTube Clips: Trying to get American tourists Ad Road Test: Ford Focus Official Site, you can download episodes.
  13. 10 hours, from about 3AM to 1PM ... work permitting!
  14. They were very entertaining, thanks!
  15. CareBear

    Vanity Cards

    The latest one was very funny, about Sheldon Leonard (the producer): http://chucklorre.com/index.php?p=187
  16. Yeah, its great to see them back together.
  17. Seeing the 2 side characters being given more story will be interesting.
  18. It sounds like a great episode, I can't wait to see it. I enjoy when characters go a little crazy.
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