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  1. Looks like another good episode. sheldonleonard is right, what are Raj & Howard doing? They do look like they're going to fix a computer :D
  2. That is good news for you Brits, the DVD is really good. I loved watching the episodes again :D
  3. Sheldon: Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Leonard: I highly doubt it. *presses fingers against head* Sheldon: How about now? Leonard: Only if you're thinking Sheldon is a lunatic!
  4. The scene where Raj was singing going down the stairs was fantastic. I think Raj is becoming a better, funnier character this season.
  5. This was an awesome episode, I loved Sheldon on the driving simulator knocking people down :D
  6. Another great episode, and another great name. I don't about you guys, but I always look forward to seeing how they work the episode name in to show!
  7. SpoilerTV have revealed a few spoilers about Episode 2.03. They say the episode will be called "The Barbarian Sublimation", in the episode Sheldon creates a monster when he introduces Penny to online gaming. The interview with Jim Parsons earlier revealed Penny would take to internet gaming. http://spoilertv.blogspot.com/2008/09/big-bang-theory-episode-203-barbarian.html
  8. As Sara Gilbert has joined the show I thought we might want a thread to discuss her. ---- I really enjoyed her appearances last year, and so it was great to hear she will be back for more episodes this year. I thought she was wonderful on Roseanne as Darlene.
  9. I got my DVD last week and it is awesome. I really enjoy watching the episodes again. Bonus features weren't great though.
  10. Another fantastic episode. I think Season 2 will be even better than Season 1.
  11. This episode sounds awesome Under 24 hours to go :D
  12. Kaley's got 61% of the vote :D Penny is now favourite character as well, with 51% of the vote. I think the 8SR crowd have been getting organized :D
  13. Thats a great video, I wonder how that got there ... its not been added to CBS' account. Maybe they're trying viral videos ...
  14. That episode sounds great, although I must say the idea of Penny singing does bring a cringe to my face
  15. Welcome to the forums jsmarkey, the quote is: Leonard: A Homo habilis discovering his opposable thumbs says what ... Kurt: What? Leonard & Sheldon laugh
  16. I thought we needed a thread for all the TV show references, and possibly movies/musicals etc. This weeks episode referenced 3 shows Doogie Howser, Scrubs and The Simpsons.
  17. I fear the audience won't stick with the reruns since they saw the episodes just 8 weeks ago.
  18. What great ratings and now the audience will probably get bored watching episodes they saw 8 weeks ago!
  19. What a shame It seems most shows have another 2 weeks of episodes before reruns and here we are
  20. Thats awful ... it sounded like a good episode. Lets hope they do film it at some point!
  21. The show does remind me of Friends to an extent ... its a sitcom about a group of friends, but its not about nothing like some shows.
  22. Holy cow :O Those numbers are great, better than the pilot ... almost 10 million viewers, and look at that build on How I Met Your Mother. I might faint! Shame the writers strike is going to break the momentum.
  23. Thats great ... I agree that everybody should be watching, if only they were ... :D
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