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  1. The ratings for this show have amazed me. The show was on its way to being a hit. It would have done about 12 million viewers once Dancing With The Stars leaves in two weeks. Now it is forced into repeats by some stupid writers strike, and enters a big unknown. It was on its way to a long run, but now no one knows what will happen. Here's hoping for the best.

  2. The problem for BBT is two fold. The first is whether CBS brings it back after the strike, at all. The second is will its entire audience stick with the show ? It needs almost all of the audience to return, or the ratings will not be good enough for it to stay anyway. Generally, new shows do not have as loyal an audience as more veteran shows. BBT was doing such a great job building an audience, and now the momentum is stopped. It was already picked up for the full season, was building towards a second season, and the strike is hurting it now. I certainly hope it returns, and does well, but it is no longer a certainty with a long strike on the horizon.

  3. I don't know guys this is something that could be really, really bad for this show. New shows will be affected much more than established shows not only, because they have more episodes for repeats, but the new shows do not have a loyal audience yet. If the show goes on hiatus, and it comes back at all the audience may not return in total. It would be a crying shame with the show doing fine, and everything. It would be terrible for something like this to ruin it. Let's hope and pray the strike is settled very, very soon.

  4. Great News!!!!!!!! The more Kaley the better!

    If the ratings stay where they are there's a good chance of a season Two!

    OMG, this is such a milestone for any show. Most shows don't even get picked up for a full season. Remember, The Class only got 18 episodes last year.

    Right now I just want to savior the good news of the full season pickup, and don't even want to think about next season. :icon_biggrin:

    We will have the whole spring to worry about it being picked up next season. :icon_wink:

  5. From Hollywood Reporter :

    In 'Theory' and 'Practice': Both get full season

    By Nellie Andreeva

    Oct 19, 2007

    Two freshman series, ABC's drama "Private Practice" and CBS' comedy "The Big Bang Theory" got full-season pickups Thursday.

    ABC and CBS ordered nine additional episodes from each series, bringing the total for both "Practice" and "Bang" to 22 episodes.

    Additionally, CBS has handed out a back-nine order to drama "The Unit," now in its third season.

    The ABC Studios-produced "Practice," a spinoff of the hit medical drama "Grey's Anatomy," has emerged as the highest-rated new series this season among adults 18-49.

    Meanwhile, "Big Bang," co-created by "Two and a Half Men" co-creator Chuck Lorre, has fit nicely into CBS' Monday night comedy block.

    "Practice" and "Bang" join "Gossip Girl," which received a full-season pickup last week.


  6. Here is the CBS take on the ratings : THE BIG BANG THEORY (5.4/08, 8.15m) was tied for second in adults 25-54 (3.7/09, with NBC) and built on its HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER lead-in by +4% in households, +6% in adults 25-54, +3% in adults 18-49 and added +190,000 viewers.

  7. People just have to stop complaining about the laugh track. First of all, it is not a laugh track. It is the actual audience laughing. Secondly, every CBS sitcom is filmed before a live audience and has laughter. They all have it, and that is the way CBS does their sitcoms.

  8. It would be awesome to see everyone from roseanne, they should get some from 8 simple rules too!

    Chuck Lorre produced Roseanne and now The Big Bang Theory so the connection is definitely there. Roseanne had a fine cast, and I would welcome any of the cast members.
  9. Sara Gilbert (Darlene - "Roseanne") will reunite with former "Roseanne" co-star Johnny Galecki (David - "Roseanne") on upcoming episodes of "The Big Bang Theory". Galecki, whose character was married to Gilbert's character on "Roseanne", plays Leonard a geek who is uncomfortable with the opposite sex on CBS' "The Big Bang Theory". Gilbert will play a potential love interest for Galecki's character, Leonard, in an untold number of episodes.

    Very good news, indeed. :)
  10. A Blogger named Meaghan, who is 23 years old and lives in California saw the second episode filmed and filed this report :

    big bang theory edward pickup 2 take 1. cameras a, b, c, x on my mark we went to warner brothers studio last night to watch the filming of a new cbs show called big bang theory. it was soooo much fun. we watched the pilot first on tvs scattered strategically through the studio audience and then they began filming the show. they went in order chronologically so we got to actually see the whole show. sometimes they would film a scene multiples times with a few different lines to see which go tthe most laughs. it will be fun to watch the show when it airs (september 24th on cbs) and see which lines they chose. they gave us free pizza and the emcee (who was possibly the most annoying person i have EVER had the privelege of being locked in a room with for three hours) told jokes and did magic and handed out candy during the resetting of the scenes/transitions. the sound stage the show was shot in was where they made cultural classics like casablanca, batman and robin and gremlins 2. veronicas closet was the longest running tv show previously shot there. it was stage 25 which is directly across from 24 which was the friends sound stage. instead of the usual plaques on all the other buildings that one has a special plaque that just says "the friends stage." i would have liked a tour but that was on the program for the evening. it was so interesting to watch the guy up in the scaffolding manuevering the boom and all the cameras... you could watch the action live or see it on the aforementioned tv sets with the different camera angles like it would be on tv. it was cool to see these relatively unknown actors (they are the types who have been in a lot of stuff and seem vaguely familiar but arent superstars by any means) and how excited they were to be the leads of this new show. they were all super professional and knew all their lines - they only had to reshoot because of a missed line once or twice. the concept of the show is good and the script is actually really funny. it would be cool if the show really takes off and we can say we were there for the first episode. it is about these two nerdy genius guys and their across the hall neighbor who is beautiful and blonde. the jokes that they make are super intellectual and funny because i only have half an idea what they are really talking about. i think we might add this show to our regular weekly rotation. you should all watch it and see. maybe you will even hear me laugh! :)

  11. That is good news, I hope the Two and a Half audience support the show.

    Yes, it needs to tap into the large Two and Half Men audience to be succesful. The only problem is I don't know if they will tune in a half hour early to see the show before Two and Half Men. After Men they clearly would stay to watch, before I just don't know.
  12. Most of you know me by my real name, Scott. Yeah, I am the guy with all the information and news from the Kaley Cuoco forum. Hopefully, we will break big and good news hear, too. By the way, everyone read my blog under "Scott's Blog" in the Blogs section. I will be telling my inner most thoughts and feelings on the show. My first blog entry is up.

  13. nice pics... Kaley look great and the last pic, I think his face is realy funny

    Kaley does look great. :) The last guy plays Howard Wolowitz, another geek, and he is really funny. Simon Helberg plays him, and he is a comedian in real life, so he is naturally very funny.
  14. CBS is running tons of promos that all state "from the creator of Two and Half Men". That is to try and get some of the huge Two and Half Men audience to watch. Unfortunately, to get that audience the show should have been on 9:30 after Two and Half Men and not at 8:30 before it.

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