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  1. 'WINNING PROGRAMME' i have always loved everybody loves raymond, obviously Everybody does. Its great, almost matches upto two and a hlaf men, but no quite there yet. Jamie
  2. jfarley


    ahhh I really dont like this, no offence. MY girlfriend would make me sit and watch this from begining to end, Atleast 2 Episodes. I created a natural hate for it straight away. Jamie
  3. Ok it works really simple, like this. It has to be any band, Artist or Film, the last letter of the last persons band, artist or film is the first letter of yours. For example post 1 = Metalic(a) Post 2 = (A)rctic monkey(s) Post 3 = (S)tar Wars So on and so thorth. Im going to start with Emine(m) Jamie
  4. woow watch out, its another Kaley fan By far the best! A good actor and she reallyt puts her lines accross really well. I swear ive seen her on another TV show or programme. Jamie
  5. By far the most funniest comedy known to man, or is it just the funniest omedy known to me, i really really enjoy the Two and a Half men sereis and make sure im home from work on a break exactly when it starts. I might be an addict at this aswell, other than the internet. Jamie:fi_lone_ranger:
  6. jfarley

    New Board!

    I'm already here Loving the site, also loving the new forum, thanks for giving us a place like this. Jamie
  7. jfarley


    I love the fact that matt made this series, hes a great Drawer and a very very good producer with some mad up-steam ideas. Jamie
  8. Hi i as just wondering how much sleep everybody gets within a 24hour time. I usualy get about 6hours sleep if im lucky, im always either at work or on the internet, im an addict aha Jamie
  9. Jamie, im from the uk and im 17years old, i enjoy TV, Computers and i also love listening to music with my mates or just on my own. Jamie
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