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  1. Where are theses pics? twitter.com/iamfrench Thanks! Enjoyed the pics. Also found the best quote I've ever read: "if you have ever travelled and had a beautiful, amazing and awesome time, wait until you have the chance to travel with someone who’s little, blonde and adorable - and hilarious!!"
  2. Buying the whole season is ALOT cheaper than buying each individual episode on itunes.
  3. can't wait to see the big bang theory back again, I'll probably watch it over the Internet unless it airs on UK tv first but probably won't though.
  4. Alex

    Rerun Ratings

    Shame on them, i would watch the show again and agiain and again for hours, in fact i do on the internet. It's the only way i can see it.
  5. Yeeey, all the more to look forward to when TBBT come to the UK, good news thanks for posting
  6. I'm going to have to say Kaley, Shes just so gorgeous and amazing. I can't really describe how i feel about her without using some... shall we say very descriptive language.
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