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  1. Could be! I know for the movies there's someone in charge of making sure that anything that happens to clothes and props (dirt, rips, wetness, food spills, etc.) looks the same from take to take or scene to scene. Maybe in this case it would be the director or his assistant since this example depended on Ramona taking the food boxes out of the bag in the same order. On second thought, since the order the boxes were taken out depended on how the boxes were packed in the bag, it was probably the person who prepares the props and who would have re-packed the bag between takes. Does the Grip do this too? It would be interesting to find out. By the way do you know what a "Best Boy" actually does?
  2. Yep, this happens! Actually, it's not the producer but the person(s) in charge of continuity (exact title?) who's supposed to make sure details like this get duplicated as exactly as possible when they do multiple takes of a scene.
  3. Yes, excellent song! This episode was delightful and besides being very funny, it was nice to see Sheldon actually working on science/physics (I for one would like to see more of that, and of course for Leonard, Howard and Raj too). Leonard's mitosis nightmare was hilarious!
  4. The story lines and jokes are becoming less sophisticated and witty and more juvenile which concerns and disappoints me (the previous episode where Sheldon had a cold was practically all snot jokes). What struck me about this episode was that I saw it as possibly a transition for Sheldon where he starts realizing how and how not to interact with people, although we did get a snapshot of how he feels about relationships at the end where he describes human contact as being very undesirable. How did he get to feel this way? Why is his ego so fragile? Will he start changing? I guess we'll just have to wait and see how the writers develop him.
  5. I though he was very funny and that he and Jim Parsons worked very well together. I hope he comes back to the show for more episodes!
  6. I just want to memorialize the passing of Arthur C. Clark, author of many great science fiction books, including "2001: A Space Odyssey." It's fitting and poignant that last Monday night's episode featured the famous opening music (it's actually the beginning of Richard Strauss' tone poem "Also Sprach Zarathustra") from the movie version of "2001: A Space Odyssey." May exploration, imagination, and the search for knowledge and truth live on!
  7. or Personally, I hope they chose the Galileo one. Both made me laugh, but the first one just seems like a joke only this show could get away with. Anyway, do you happen to remember? I agree with you; the Galileo line was very funny (and I think funnier than the alternative)! By the way, Sheldon was wearing that green T-shirt again with the interesting graphic. Any chance of anyone knowing or finding out what it means?
  8. Happy holidays everyone! Noticed that no one has yet offered any insight about this T-shirt. To me, it could be an abstract figure (producer? screenwriter?) who is wringing his hands in despair after TriStar pictures turned down his project, which is why his nose is bent out of shape (notice the Dali-esque mustache). Actually, I haven't a clue. Anyone?
  9. Watched this rerun last night - Funny one! Jim Parsons wins the award for Best Fidgiting on a Couch (10 seconds or less category) Favorite two lines out of many (couldn't pick just one. BTW, sorry if I missquote a word or two, I'm doing this from memory): 1. Sheldon (holding Leslie's violin case): He's either in there with Leslie Winkle or a 1930's gangster. 2. Leonard: (referring to Penny saying that Leonard and Leslie would make a cute couple): What do you think she meant by that? Sheldon: She either meant that the two of you would form a couple which others would think of as being cute or that you could manufacture one. OK, a third: Penny: Sheldon, honey, I know you think you're explaining yourself, but you're really not. Best visual: Leslie smashing the banana
  10. There are links on this site to where you can either stream the episode and watch it from your computer, or buy it for $1.99 from Amazon.com and download it. Cheers!
  11. I just went to CBS.com and sent in a feedback form to please bring the show back if this is the case. If all of the people registered at this site did this, and asked their friends to do it as well, there would be a lot of requests for this show and a greater possibility of CBS bringing the show back! It worked for Star Trek, so Let's do it!
  12. A big Welcome!, and I'm glad to hear that the show went over down under! When I heard the show was premiering there I was hoping it would do well. That "stairs" conversation is a favorite of mine too (among many others)! Forgive me, but I have to ask: is "conversate" an Australian colloquialism or recent slang term? Thanks and it's very nice to have people from other countries here!
  13. From last night's rerun (more in the delivery than the actual words!): Leonard: I'm having a panic attack! Sheldon: A panic attack? Oh...calm down!
  14. I understand your concern, but I watched the re-run of the pilot and laughed as hard as I did the first time! I think good writing and good acting stands up to multiple viewings (we all do buy DVD's we watch over and over again, right???). I have confidence that the audience and CBS will not forget about this show!
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