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  1. Me too! Remember THE ASSOCIATES? THE GOVERNOR AND J.J.? MY WORLD AND WELCOME TO IT? HIGH SOCIETY? OUT OF PRACTICE? They were all series that were literate and hysterically funny, but I seemed to be the only one laughing. This show leaves me, a compulsive multi-tasker, unable to focus on anything else until the next punch-line, because EVERY line is a punch-line and never out of character.
  2. In tonight's episode it really looked like they knew what they were doing on the violin and cello. Maybe not to the point of really making the music that we heard, but they certainly were convincing. It would be funnier if Leslie were a violist. You know all those violist jokes? Well, they were invented by violists. When I was working on my Masters in Musicology, the funniest people I knew were violists. I heard those jokes from them looooooong before anyone else knew them. You may ask: Why did violists invent violist jokes? Answer: They didn't have anything better to do on downbeat
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