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  1. welcome!!! hope you like it here in the forums
  2. i read the news that on jan 28 there will be a new sitcom replacing TBBT, but if the writers' strike ends before then will cbs start showing TBBT again, starting with the Cooper-Hofstadter Polarization episode?? i miss the show so much!!!! i hope the writers get a fair deal soon (not just so i can see the show, but because they deserve it)
  3. oh! I hope it airs, or at least that they air reruns rather than replacing it with another show...i checked cbs.com and it says that it is scheduled to air but that could always change-- i heard a bunch of stars, including some fr TBBT, will be out picketing today...
  4. I totally agree with you Athena21! I find Jim Parsons sooooooooo adorable!!
  5. aww poor Koothrappali!! but since i have a big crush on Sheldon i can totally relate to blind-date-girl! i wonder how Sheldon and Koothrappali are going to react in this episode -- can't wait for it!!!! thanks for the info!!! PS cute avatar Lana ...
  6. I like Leonard and all the others, but I have been in love with Sheldon since the pilot <3 (although i think he was a little mean to Leonard in the Hamburger Postulate )...
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