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  1. My mother celebrated her 86th Birthday last weekend she had a chocolate cake with white frosting my sister came up from VA for her mother's 86th birthday the weather was very nice for my mother's 86th birthday which was very groovy
  2. the Brady Bunch The Partridge Family Good Times The Jeffersons The Big Bang Theory
  3. I don't have any pets but That's ok
  4. My Favorite Book would have to be North American Butterflies
  5. The Weather has been very nice tomorrow's weather is expected to be cool with showers in the morning
  6. My Favorite Cast Member is Kaley Cuoco
  7. my Favorite singers are Kellie Pickler Shania Twain and the Wonder Kids which is a all girls Choir they sing Christian Rock too
  8. I remember that episode too that was pretty Groovy but I can't remember what the name of that episode was
  9. I get about 8 hours of sleep
  10. I loved that program that was my favorite tv show and i loved watching Kaley Cuoco she was my number one tv star on that program
  11. i think i got 8 hours of sleep last night cause i was very tired and sleepy when i want to bed last night,
  12. Bradley

    I'am Back

    Thanks Tripper i've been also been having alots of fun with my sister and i've been having alots of fun on staying in touch with my sister
  13. My Favorite Cast Member is Kaley Cuoco :icon:)
  14. Bradley

    I'am Back

    Hi Everybody i'ts been a long time since i've had been here i've been having alot of fun chating with my sister by sending emails to each other and i've been having alots of fun taking groovy pictures of heavy duty trucks with my camara i just sent my film out today i should be getting my pictures back near the end of next week or the following week ,
  15. that's great news let's all hope that everything works out for our favorite tv star and for the Big Bang Theory tv show:)
  16. well i that was bound to happen but on a brighter note i'am going dress up as black cat
  17. Happy Halloween i'am looking forward to having a fun holiday
  18. Bradley


    ummmmm i would have to agree with you Charmed one that's a very good point
  19. well today it's cloudy and rather cool the temperatures are in the lower 50s now it feels more like fall now i love fall
  20. well it's kinda cool right now out here near Pittsburgh the weather feels pretty nice too but it's kinda rainy
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