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  1. Don't feel bad, I tend to get crushes on tv characters too, lol! You probably wouldn't be able to tell, but I have a crush on Raj. He's just so cute!!
  2. LOL! That was also one of my faves. Another one was: Raj: Screw Princess Punjali (sp?) Lalita: Hey, don't speak to me like that! Raj: But you're not Princess Punjali. Sheldon: Thank goodness for you. She could have you beheaded.
  3. Yes, at the very end of the Halloween episode, The Middle-Earth Paradigm.
  4. I will also be watching the reruns, just because I may go through withdrawl if i don't, lol. LHR had a good point. What about the chance that casual or non-watchers tune over to see the rerun episodes they haven't seen. Sure to grab some new viewers. Just hope the show doesn't lose more than it can gain.
  5. I also noticed this and was really hoping that his character would develop more, besides the fact that Raj can now suddenly talk to women - thanks to alcohol that worked way too fast (30 seconds? what kind of liquor WAS that?!) The episode was hilarious, as always. I am very anxious to see the next episode (please Arnie, end the strike!) to see how it continues. Will Raj start drinking to talk to women?........... I also have to point out that I LOVED Sheldon at the end. TOO FUNNY!
  6. This is horrible. Don't they have more scripts written for until the end of the year? Why can't they just go ahead and make those shows?
  7. The Big Bang Theory made #5 on AOL's list of the top 13 "Shows You Should Be Watching". http://www.aolvideoblog.com/2007/11/05/shows-you-should-be-watching-no-5/
  8. Hmm, I dunno. Don't want Sheldon and Leonard to really have a fight. Hopefully, there won't be TOO much drama.
  9. This is gonna be yet another awesome show. I can't wait! Leonard: Penny, you're on fire. Penny: Yeah, so is Sheldon! LOL!
  10. With all the pressure on the studios, I can't imagine this lasting too long.
  11. I rewatched and couldn't hear any song that went like that. When exactly did you hear it? During the party?
  12. This is horrible news. BBT has become my favourite show and waiting one week is hard enough. Hope they figure something out soon.
  13. Lana

    Favorite Quotes

    Just remembered another good one. Sheldon's mom to Raj: Now I fixed chicken. I hope that's not one of those animals you people think is magic.
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