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  1. Can we PLEASE have a season of shows without a strike? I'm so tired of the strikes in Hollywood.
  2. Can I say I absolutely love Jim Parsons. New favorite line is "Not a snowball's chance in a CAT-Scanner." Did wish Sara Rue had more interactions with Sheldon. Overall I found the episode really funny but they could have had just a smidge less Sheldon and a bit more Raj and Wolowitz. -A-
  3. Yes my co-worker sent an instant message meant for my co-worker to me, and the message was about me. Have you ever told a joke and forgotten the punchline?
  4. Sheldon: Come on....Come on...I need one more number for BINGO. *Puts fingers to head* Say B9....Come on...B9!!!!
  5. Seeing him on Craig Ferguson reiterated why I love Jim Parsons so much only he would notice the sticker on the bottom of the cup that says "Ingredients in Cup May Cause Birthdefects" It just showed how much Sheldon is really in Jim Parsons. Very cute interview.
  6. Maybe I'm just weird...but I'd love to see Sheldon hook up with Penny. Like I said..I'm weird.
  7. I saw the photo's and who is the actor who is playing the "non existant cousin" he looks familiar.
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